Bright silver recall mentor

April 6, 2015 morning at ten o’clock, the annual session of missing 75-year-silver teacher, I was April 9 before heard of this news.Then, the next period of enthusiastic students from Via sent home with supermarket door recorded more than ten seconds of video, I saw silver teacher trembling walk in the street, a small steps to move forward , the car roared past from time to time, pedestrians hurried by an umbrella from his side, silver teacher thin clothing, no umbrella, disappeared in the video.I have too many questions, why go out in the rain silver teacher?Why is no one beside him?Why is out the door never came home?No one to help me answer this question.So, I always wishful thinking to the benefit to guess: Could it be Alzheimer’s silver teacher I do not know where in the home, they brought him home to rest for good-hearted people?Could it be that the silver teacher remembered home thousands of miles away, playing alone in the car to Shaoyang?Will.Of course, I occasionally have a bad thought crossed the mind, but I immediately paused Lenovo, really do not want to believe that there will be such a sad thing true in my side.    4 May 13 at noon, I was passing on the way home from work I often go to the flower shop and saw a white Western azalea petals, rhododendrons impression of color are mostly red, flower-shaped morning glory is also more like a dull, out to love and affection for flowers, I put of Rhododendron growing on white to buy a home, and put on a beautiful blue and white porcelain pots, it will be placed in the already crowded with flowers on balcony.In the evening, the students told me the bad news on the Via: silver teacher’s body found in the River downstream land vehicle Town!Could that be God’s own somewhere?!Silver teacher, I actually hear that you bought a cuckoo death of a snowy day!It is for me the memory of it in the comfort of your?It is for me what whine cry blood?”One calls out a heartbroken” ah, silver teacher, you hear your students what you are calling?You hear me?How do you so cruel to put down your wife, your children, your students ah?    5:14 pm, our 188th four classes of students rushed to the funeral home to bid farewell to your body, we form a circle, to a tearful bow, second bow, bow three times, but no one dared to reveal on the coffin lid piece of red cloth, a last look at your mortal remains, we can not bear to be that your water bubble look beyond recognition ah?Silver teacher, you want to go so why hurry?And why should choose such a way to leave this earth?You call your loved ones, how do you the world over peaches and plums confidently walked to put your?    Until you died, I learned that your full name – silver Ming, you are my mentor, I do not even do not know your name.Thought of this, feelings of guilt is even more difficult to suppress.You are my high school math teacher, and now I want to recall 27 years ago in the past, for me it is a problem.As the students said Wei Qi, high school life in our context is simply going through a period of purgatory, three years of high school, I totally shut ourselves up, in addition to studying hard or studying.If there are some interesting high school life, it is that the teacher brought me a silver, five years ago, I wrote an essay memories of my high school teacher, referring to the most profound impression is that silver teacher.    The reason I was impressed silver teacher, because in high school I was interested in mathematical comparison, but also because the teacher’s appearance and personality silver.I was still very young when he was studying, teachers often take funny and comedy to relieve the pain and dull high school life.The teacher then silver has been nearly fifty, he was little, bald and shiny forehead, prominent front teeth, hand dance lectures, full of dance, are also frequent spittle splashed on the front of the students face, then, we give so young teacher took the silver nickname “sunny”.    ”Sunny”, the surface is silver in appearance teasing the teacher, in fact deeper meaning silver in praise of selfless dedication of our teachers, such as sun and rain as he does for our students to nourish, I repeated memories, it is difficult to silver is a former teacher recalled the contents of the lectures, but the details still have a firmly entrenched in my mind.I remember it was once the third year of math study up, silver teacher math test papers issued by that time, my test scores only 87 extra points after seeing the score, I buried myself crying more than ten minutes, a quiet classroom, the sound of my sobs large can imagine.I sat in the first row, when I raised my swollen eyes, see silver standing teacher talking about the table, looked at me, he paused, looked like it wanted to comfort me and can not find the right words to express.That is the loving eyes made me deeply moved, a lot of time, but rather superfluous words, my beloved silver teacher, just watching his students cry, with his silent language to Dead Poets Society.I thought what a fine man, how can I do not know silver teacher concern and love?    More guilt is that after graduating from high school, I never actually had to visit a teacher of silver, which may be related to my personality, I always like the feeling in my heart, so mostly about Chinese people, not good at expressing their feelings, I I always feel that the teacher can give silver a place to stay in the heart enough, it seems, this time I was completely wrong, but horribly wrong.So, when you know death, I can not sit still, I have to stand up and express my feelings of gratitude and admiration of your.    27 years ago, I almost did not and high school students to and from before, my eccentric personality so I went into the vicious circle, I do not want to remember high school that painful experience, I have memories of elementary school, junior high school, college life, with the exception of high school choose to forget that period of time studying.Silver teacher, thank you for!You let me come back among high school students, out of their closed world.When I went to my classmates, I come to realize: There are also mixed peanut tree, here also the grass sprout.    Now, I like you engaged in education, but often unbearable boredom of work, the teaching profession as a living, you never had the kind of passion and selfless dedication.I think, when I would complain, when I re tired of monotonous work day after day, you will appear in front of me, taught me how to work, how do people.    I do not want to write this article so mournful, but still could not help the tears.Silver teacher, you’re gone, along with land and water in the river water, river flow is not always rotten, your voice and facial expression will last forever!    Tao Yuanming said “relatives or more than sad, others have songs.He died the road, the body entrusted with the Hill A “.Man, mortal, come to dust, returns to dust.As a thought, I was relieved a lot.    Rest in peace, silver teacher!

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