Brilliant autumn sun

Autumn sun graceful even taste a lot of light there is no anxiety no gold scorching summer sun no longer be as stiff as penetrating shares to take on the road than in the summer heat of the flickering phenomenon has gone before the branch once the song was a natural story of the summer rush collections night she wanted to gradually lengthen the face plastered with business cards of the harvest struggle success pride speckled night sky and the moon to produce a halo chord drunk Silverlit let a small star put away the fun doubts uncertain dawn after a night’s rest image has been filled with the spirit of a new look face look young sketch listen to her heart tells looking forward to a new day dew name of group in the embrace of the grass blade tip where the smell from the body surface can be ground with his eyes closed guess the kind of love she tired posture of dreams really enviable ah suddenly the sun rising ten million gold hit dew dew’s face was awakened by a pound carp play very goo into the sky rolled down and broke the crystal-like dream oncoming wind softly in my heart filled with the fragrance name of the whistle in his mouth laughing my body kissed and then left in a cool autumn sun I chant to vocal Dai Yuqiang and Peng Liyuan singing the national Dongyue Hill cuddle sing more wide patch of the city was covered melodies of tenderness fingers plucked the heart of the city so the city began to expand to expand to the east of the town of Da incorporate the relocation of farmers to plant crops to revive the transformation of the old city the bridge leading to the then capital of eyebrow modern architecture to build high-speed rail will be the home of civilization Chang Hung rapid integration into the Chengdu-Chongqing I appreciate Zuozuo rise skyscrapers uphold the pioneers of wisdom and ideas of modern civilization under the autumn sun beauty held high it was donated to the city since the fall of the gift being harvested busy vast rural villagers leg mud studded with sickle aromatic looked at the hands of paddy harvest happily danced the waltz round after round of sweat is given to the new rural autumn blessings the sound of loud reading school that piece of flowing thirst for knowledge flowing yearning for the ideal that thousands of miles across ridiculed Cheng convergence of convergence of the power of wisdom to pry upright autumn Tuo River Falls that spilled out of the generations that’s begging me to listen to a vehicle filled with the harvest in the autumn sun hobbled vehicles on the road due to heavy breathing and the noise emitted is no longer rattled in the road extension In rattled slowly arched bridge in new home builders in the towering rattled in getting intoxicated-like singing voice loud and clear TV drama waves gently sing drunk autumn Imagine me in the autumn sun blossoming brocade meditation under the blue sky must be the sun shine guy handkerchief sun tired good for wiping his brow sweat on the ground falling yellow leaves of autumn wind shadow is gradually thick plot with a picture of the golden sincere waiting to be waiting for the fall into the winter warm bed geese lined square Resentment and crying and habitat reluctant to bid farewell to the wings of the wind and the air collision ChenDian formed also hidden in the slightest cool though tears misty eyes but the flight direction of the straight smile as bright as guide Fang Qiuyang giggle as flowers such as blue Picture,.. 2010.09.11 [Editor: Luli]

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