Brilliant in 2009, the 60th anniversary of founding of New China

Yan’an, the world-famous Chinese revolutionary sites, from 1935 to 1948, the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and Mao Zedong in here, directing the Sino-Japanese War and the liberation war, laid the cornerstone of the People’s Republic of China, wrote a chapter in the history of epic.That is in Yenan, it gave birth to the light future of the Yan’an spirit, played a huge role in the spiritual power of the Chinese revolution and construction.Yan’an spirit is our party, but also the precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation, its historical development, China produced a huge and far-reaching impact.    Towering Pagoda Hill, the clear extension of the river.Speaking of Yan’an, people will feel exceptionally warm, spontaneously tribute.This is not only because the Yan’an Revolutionary War was our party’s central command and strategic rear, where the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao Zedong strategizing, made a series of major decisions relations China’s future and destiny of the revolution, has laid a solid to seize state power basis; but also because, this magical land, gave birth to the great spirit of Yan’an.Yan’an spirit is our party’s heirlooms, valuable spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation.Our situation today with the conditions and the Yan’an period has changed a lot compared to, but Chinese Communists both now and in the future must uphold and carry forward the spirit of Yan’an.Yan’an Spirit as the national spirit and the spirit of the times at the confluence of Chinese contemporary spirit immeasurable significance, research and advocacy Yan’an spirit of modern times has become a great spiritual civilization construction project.    In the 60th anniversary at the same time, we must not forget the Yan’an spirit, it is because China Yan’an Spirit to make leaps and bounds in the past few decades time, swagger to move forward.60 years of glory, 60-year dream.Glorious fillip the moment, our beautiful motherland will usher in her 60th birthday.60 years, 60 years, ups and downs, bit by bit, it is not only a historical record, it is a glorious, a dream.60 years, 60 years, from everywhere creating bruise, undone, to a heroic posture, prosperity, our country has gone through a dragon road!    look back.Over the past 60 years, our country all the time experiencing difficulties encountered with difficulties, but we have hundreds of millions of Chinese people propped up the backbone of the nation, creating the brilliant Chinese!Forget the People’s Liberation Army fought a bloody war, forget the sacrifice for the liberation struggle of the people, can not forget the great leader Chairman Mao.In October 1949, 60 years ago today, “the establishment of the People’s Republic of China,” Chinese people have stood up!Over the next few years, in advance of the horn sounded, the revitalization of the flag waving, the government and the people face such a disastrous state of China and did not flinch, but courage, emerged one after another heroic deeds.    Chinese sixties and seventies but was a blustery.In science and technology, bombs and one satellite, hybrid rice, artificial bovine insulin represents the pride of the nation; diplomatically, to return to the United Nations diplomatic relations, China and the US and Japan, on a firm footing powers; academic art, Hundred Flowers , bursting out with colorful flowers; on economic construction, reform and opening up, economic reform, but also opened the curtain prosperous, well-off to play the overture!    The new century glory continues.Shanghai, let us embark on a new Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit; nether world, we send the first Chinese astronaut; Beijing, we are dedicated to a unprecedented event in the Olympic Games to the world.Our motherland, to move faster and stronger in a higher, and 60 years of age to commemorate the milestone is a brilliant record.    In this short 60 years, our nation has gone through the ordeal again and again.Day to drop any man also, must keep their bones, their body skin evil, depletion of their body, the line fu chaos.From three years of natural disasters, economic blockade, the Tangshan earthquake, flood 98, and then to SARS, snowstorms, and even last year’s earthquake, a field of painful disaster did not make the Chinese people depressed, but to make Chinese people more united one, more united, indomitable will to trample on them all.What kind of power?This is the power of a country only 60 years of age, this is a strength of 5,000 years of cultural heritage of the nation, which is enough to remain a world power of Britain’s nation.    Looking 60 years, our country, our people have always had a dream to many prospects.We sincerely hope that the prosperity of the country, famous in the world; we sincerely hope that the people happy and healthy and live a full and happy life; we sincerely hope that scientific literary triumph, occupies a niche in the radius of the world, we sincerely hope.60 years, many achievements, but more dream.China will not rest on its laurels, the Chinese people will not stand still, millions of Chinese people always bear in mind that we still have hundreds of thousands of dreams need another 60 years, or even 60 several years to achieve, to go beyond.    Looking back, is to cherish, is to go beyond; outlook is to look forward to, in order to achieve, until we have completed the highest ideals of time, and then go back and taste it for 60 years, it gives us too much.Finally, the birthday of the motherland at the same time, we still insist in later life Yan’an Spirit, 60 years of miracle we have created, there are more miracles we need to go back to experience, let Yan’an Spirit to be our beacon, achievement future.

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