Brilliant red flower acacia

Brilliant red flower of acacia text / Dragon into the end of April, the town of peach, plum, apricot, pear, crabapple there, Sakura has a curtain call.Sophora japonica just spit out a thick green leaves, into a piece of acacia flowers snow, sweet and full-bodied.And I see today is not white Huaihua, but acacia flowers blooming beautiful.  After early morning walks, leisurely boarded the highest point west of the park, look around views, trails along gazebo return, inadvertently Looking back at the moment, suddenly was in front of stunned!Several strains of different sizes of red flowers acacia flowers in full bloom, abnormal gorgeous!  Safflower called acacia, in fact, this acacia flowers are purple, with “colorful” to describe appropriately.  Irregular scattered on the canopy, covered with this red flower children, a whirring whirring of a blooming smile.  From afar, dazzling flower child, a bit like wisteria children, but also beautiful than Wisteria.Some hold the flowers together, like carving Purple grape; some flowers one by one in a hanging branches, such as loose Uygur girl on shoulders Xiao Bianer.Flowers are in full swing, very beautiful and chic.  Closer inspection, mauve flowers, one after another, a string, clusters, hidden in a piece of green leaves, green branches hung like layers of jewelry; red rose clusters Highlights , embracing shame laugh with green leaves scattered embellishment, elegant and bright red side by side.In the breeze blowing, fragrant, refreshing fragrance blowing waves, attracted hard working bees.  Rising morning sun, blue sky, white clouds Ruxu, acacia flowers lifelike, as the huge Heavenly Painting Depicting God’s will, started slowly in front of Juanxiu extraordinary, is lovely, enthralled.  This species is native to North America, has long been rooted in China settled multiply.Because the United States spend large color, it is widely used in landscaping.So, today I have the opportunity to see the beauty with acacia flowers in the park.  In fact, this is not the first time I saw this tree blossom.20 years ago this season, away from the county seat 60 miles away in the mountains of the “Temple ginkgo 185 Experiment Station”, you witnessed the shadow of acacia flowers, as well as associating with the yellow acacia.Because it was accompanied by NPC Vice Chairman Zhou Guangzhao inspected, so no time to take pictures.The passage of time, gradually faded away.  This morning, in the park occasional acacia flowers brightly colored costumes, got his wish to take up hosting the Games, and my heart there is an indescribable excitement!My heart burst of sparks, wrote “red flower acacia”: She has a bunch of good will devote themselves to hang on the tree spring when crabapple, cherry like snowflakes falling catkins have also piled clouds like Xia drunk the February spring orchid she would layer layer upon layer render bloom (April 2016 to modify the first draft 21 22)

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