Brilliant red peach garden

Spring in March, at the invitation of the Literary Society of land and water Lake and went to the mountain village of Ornamental Peach Wenqing.  Just off the winter I put on lightweight spring, filling the spring feel so young, a lot of dexterity.  Yesterday sky was clear and sunny.And his party more than 20 people bathed in the dawn, by bus, laughing toward the blossoming fruit trees marching places.  Along the way, through the window, a frame picture spring eye.After a quiet season after a long winter hibernation Shen, the earth is the recovery, re-full of vitality: Yingti long grass, butterflies fly dance, and leaves bonus.Distance stacked mountains, emerald green shallots; high and low sides of farmland, grass and tender flowers surplus.From time to time flashed the large canola flower, Jin Huangyao eyes, swaying in the wind.I’m not into the flowers, had already been all the way to spring, flipping too emotionally, mesmerizing.  About an hour later, we arrived at the destination of the outing flowers.I hurried off, looking ahead, a huge peach orchard show in front: a tree attractive dark red, encrusted branches; clusters of blooming peach, pro when empty.what!Spring really is the blossoming peach lit, the brilliant point.  I walked into the peach orchard, where the shuttle.I saw on the high was short branches, Mi Zaza be covered with peach: some like a mature young woman, publicity to bare their posture; some like a bride at first marriage, half open petals, half-shy to bare Xiu face; some like a young girl, heart cling round, budding.  Blossoming peach blossom: Some patches of crimson, pink and some tax increases, and some powder with purple, red and white and some overlap, rosy.That took the stand in soft Xinrui, glowing pale yellow, fragrant Johnson dripping, arouses sympathy and affection.  And a burst of wind, eat only a little peach garden in the spring, enchanting charming; a Unit fragrance, nostrils, Zhitou bottom of my heart, refreshing, intoxicating heart and soul.  I am drunk with Decleor reward peach, inadvertently recite from the Tang Dynasty poet Wu Rong’s “Peach Blossom” poem “brilliant red flower garden, ten thousand Dan Choi burning spring thaw.When the junction where the Millennium as a solid, shown to human-made chemical “.  Yes!Looking to the same shuttle in peach leaves Zhuo Yan beauty, “a woman blossoming,” the famous Yue Ying ears.Women are indeed blossoming: some, such as peony, elegant; some, such as orchids, white fragrant; some, such as lian, elegant holiness; some, such as daffodils, fresh and quiet.However, regardless of their grace Xiangshui, Zhang Juanxiu that a rosy face, not just as Enchanting as peach, it is love and affection, daydream, people fascinated.  I vigorous boarded the top of the hill, turned to look back all the land and water Ayatomo Lake Literary Society, suddenly feeling Chibi land and water Lake Literary Society, just like a bloom of the garden, that one heart Send Dan, wonderful flower pen figure, as Yi Keke tall lush trees and flowers, beautiful poetry Those articles, as a blossoming colorful flowers bloom on their evergreens, land and water to a lakeside Literary society dotted fragrant, spring infinite.  There are two big world incense is most fascinating: one is a mix of nature, tender and charming flowers, one is Langhammer Dan, timeless, sophisticated.”A short queue window flower, the flower people and their fragrance.”.I do not think this was spontaneously exclaiming: if life can always be able to smell the flowers, hearts can often weigh scholarly, how it would be good fortune, how comfortable, how scenery.  When nearly noon, we reluctantly left the Taoyuan.However, that blossoming blooming peach, still Xiaoying spring, bloom in spring; smell as surplus sleeve, mixing in my heart.

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