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– Vice President remember the Second City Township school teaching, teaching English provincial backbone teachers Chen Yan Mei She has a broad mind, each carrying Sheng students to dream big; she was very simple introverted, often smiling, affable, students eyes, she learned to have charisma, she is persuasive teacher and friend whom he can confide.23 years, she taught students, all commented on Chen Yan Mei teacher: “Chen great charisma, more user-friendly.”Indeed, Chen’s charm is not external, only to get along with her for a long time, in order to gradually felt she naturally exudes charm, this charm is reflected in her pursuit of the spiritual life, reflected in her students’ learning, life concern, reflected in her great love for education.23 years she traveled is a persistent pursuit, the road of hard work.    Chen Yan-mei said: “I am a teacher engaged under the glorious sun cause, bear the future of the nation, prosperous nation, intoxicated, optimistic; I am a teacher, immersed in the Fruitful day, year after year let it hot in summer and cold.Teachers are engineers of human souls, I love this great career.I chose love, I love my chosen.Huihai rafting through the waves, struck a brilliant, though not ideal, but are worthy of my heart. “!    ”High school teacher, JCDecaux is the norm”, a good teacher must not only teach students the knowledge to enable students to master the methods to improve the ability, but let the students understand the truth.Roman?Roland said: “To spread sunshine to others mind, his thoughts have come sunshine.”Yes, the sun is the love of education student’s heart, we should not only love to win the students’ trust and closeness, but also to enable students to learn to grow in being loved in.Yes, she was always like a candle, lighting up their children!    Over the years, she has worked on the frontlines of education, he served as teacher, dean, vice president of teaching, there has also been engaged in the graduating class English courses, she always keep in mind the great trust of the Party and the people, to teaching responsibility, loyalty duty, dedication, Gan human ladder, indefatigable, teacher, selfless dedication to noble ideals, good moral qualities and attainments deep knowledge society set an example for the whole, the majority of students and society as a whole heartfelt love the widely respected.    ”View the world the book and watch the world affairs, decorate the beauty of the world.”.”Chen knowledgeable, for the students’ questions, always patiently answer.”She said:” As a teacher, adhere to ‘teach meditation, devote themselves to educating people’ various methods, easy to learn, to live up to students; teach well is a prerequisite of good people.At the same time, teaching daily demonstrated dedication and selfless work of the spirit, but also to give students a strong role model and influence, which translates into special appeal.So, I continue to recharge yourself, carefully study materials, trying to make students like my class, like learning.Respect for the students, not far from the students.As the saying goes: “Yan is love, song that is doing harm, not whether it will teach bad.”I’m trying to do really love my students, on the basis of full respect for the students on their stringent requirements.Usually, students who do, first of all I do.”As the saying goes: ‘People come singly’.It is difficult to know themselves, so it valuable.Chen Yan-mei of the most valuable quality is modest, on education and teaching, never complacent, she was willing to accept the views of others, good at summing up the work of the pros and cons.Dry line, love line, Chen really did, either from the equipment, teach, change, guide, or from the education of students, colleagues she is a model, a model student.    Because of her many years of dedication to study at thinking, dedication, work performance is outstanding, she has been named “Yingkou City senior secondary school teachers,” “outstanding teachers in rural areas Yingkou City”, “period” provincial backbone teachers of English discipline “fifth advanced scientists’ ‘Yingkou City, outstanding teachers,’ ‘Yingkou pedagogical model’, ‘excellent teacher Yingkou’ honorary title; title.Achieve these honors in others may seem a kind of capital, but for her it seems, is no longer the usual common thing, “I was just on my job posts, do a good job as a people should do the work of teachers, to do my duty only. “it is often said that she faced the honor of a simple word.    Faced with these results, she did not meet, Chen used her keen eye found to be insufficient teaching practice, only her innovative teaching today.She often said to others: “Do teacher for 23 years, 23 years of experience in the school teachers how to do it.”.As a teaching principal, she always adhere to the “everything for the children, for all children” education philosophy; teaching is the center, the quality of work is reflected in our lives.Today, the United States and Chen Yan also continue to work with education, we believe, filled with her love and diligently pursue the cause of education, she will go further in the way of education!

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