Brilliant time, from morning to night

Today is the source star team three rural areas of social practice of the sixth day, the weather turned cool and rainy day in the hot sun, and several days of rain gradually eliminate the summer heat, occasionally mixed with the slightest gust of wind also fine rain, feel the cool fall on the cheek.Today we take a look at the source of the star correspondent went to the site, from morning to night, each group in the end what busy. The morning sun through the leaves scattered on the ground, small partners within the logistics group has been shot early ride electric vehicles, starting to buy food.Soon the effort they are carrying large bags of food, rewarding experience, their shoulders shoulder meals all of us, can be described as long way to go.However, the scorching sun, wind and rain failed to stop their cooking passion, hard work they have been quietly behind us, but did not complain.Logistics group is our strong backing. Now let’s turn the camera sitting in the office of newsgroups.Newsgroups, by definition, is responsible for three of us to the countryside to write press releases, press releases audit team members and contributors.Their daily work is unimaginable, a person responsible for posting multiple sites, on average, every day we newsgroup posting amount up to more than a thousand.However, the hard work pays off, the number of successful investment in our press release site has been up to hundreds of articles, one point one harvest farming, we had a big praise for our newsgroup point. There is also advocacy group working in the office, shoot them at any time to keep up the work of the various groups, shoot the best pictures, the daily fixed launched at the team’s number one micro-channel public tweets.Rainy weather often power outages, advocacy groups had to use their own traffic to send tweets, even so, they still conscientious in their posts. Cut to the classroom attending classes, we can see that teaching small groups of teachers are preaching Tuition FAQ for students, no classes were also in the office of teacher preparation, sweep shot, one by one they saw his head down, serious writing, preparing lessons.According to an interview that the group is responsible for teaching the first class in the morning, afternoon and features classroom it is the responsibility of the literary group.Rotating lens, we can see that the teacher is teaching students Tingting military boxing, fists smooth action, kicking the valiant, if that is a highly trained soldier.A teacher of oak as well as dance lessons, music class teacher Li Xue, new leaves teacher of sign language classes, a variety of features classroom wonder welcomed by students! Night sky full of bits and pieces of the entire sky, the breeze blowing, drifting bursts of aroma, it is the logistics group to prepare a delicious syrup.From morning to night, every day is colorful many times, every day is a new day.

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