Away the heart

Part One: Heart away in Gone with the Wind.There is also the pleasure of pain, like a dream.  I am a man sat quietly in a corner, watching a collection, not on things before, but in a time of heart; thin stroke and taste, though it is thing of the past but still so Qingxin, sweet.  Edge and love is so mysterious, how many people are hard to find, often tiptoes inadvertently; in an ordinary night, as I sat there like every day, with alcohol burning pleasure, you leisurely walk toward me Come.  Do not talk, we just polite greetings, but I see from your eyes share of fatigue and frustration, and since then, it has been in my mind to leave an indelible memory, also left today pain.It was a night of fate, is a night of passion, but also a painful night.  It was an unforgettable time and space, though short, but it is the heart of the eternal; the cause of frustration, emptiness of heart, love, loss, emptiness and frustration full of life, may feel tremendous pressure, but I’m really happy, more than happy pain, his face filled with a smile, in exhaustion you brought me joy, the frustration you brought me confidence, in the emptiness you brought me full, this may be God’s grace, we have no vows, and no drawing near, and some just to say hello and comfort, but it is heart to heart communication, I use my heart to nurture feelings, I use my sincere love to entertain this, far from already very close, modern Technology has brought us the passion, the number of day and night, the number of storms is sunny, no winter, no hot flashes in our rainy season, each season is a passion.  Later, time goes by slowly, but satisfying piled a lot of very full, I walk in the quiet of the night, a person Lanlansansan walking down the street, walking in the moonlight, walking in the rain, a meteor across from the air, how much hope it will not fall to the distant plan, landed in front of her, lonely people can understand this, and hope can bring a rabbit greetings, allow me in this vast sea to look at, even if you can send me a message, three words, how are you?I wish I could have a place to send three words, how are you?Will suffice.  No, no, even this simple request turned into wishful thinking.You go, go is then cut at the end, just as you did toward me, like, in addition to almost my expectation.  You said we see the sea, to experience the great sea, the sea of tolerance, with our little sister go to the beach to enjoy the beach, palm, sun, I think this is probably our.That year I went to the beach and saw the coconut trees, sun, sand, also saw a couple with a child playing on the beach to play, I forgot blankly into the distance; see clearly across the island which is so distant.  Take heart, your heart away, my heart away, all away from me; it may be two-way street, never intersection.From the beginning, we know that this may be the best outcome, but I still want to be in the harbor, to be a hammock, and parked just let you rest.  you left.Looking at the gray sky, I do not know when the heart is not able to travel, when will this stop.    Part II: wasted years away in the heart of bodhicitta, confused face Qingming heart, forget cloud heart of the matter, leaving the full word happiness, worldly things often regret, things hardly go to the Red, often less volatile love affair affair. – – Inscription people of the country, such as the cry of bare land, holy, pure.However, people only know how to manage and difficult to make, do not want to repair the world, cultivating, dust.After the ceremony as an adult, also voiced that a lucid eye on the dazzling color, for all in all, set in its own weaving frame his hands spread upward, hard to leave which.No clear in the workplace, also in the heart disorder, rather difficult for the mind net, Zhi Yuan.In the mind does not make sense in the shuttle, dilemma.Where there is discourse, Xinyuan also.On calm and Kodo, the eye is difficult to look in the direction of a heart, only the immediate infrequently body, the line carried away, besides the machine to be used for a long maintenance, and heart, but also voicing over time.Nightlife Network but in reality the people of this fresh, shining brilliantly, long case of dust wind, cloud that is unclear.Leisure time, Schwimmer poet sun on plain white paper, letterhead drying their heart, a poem a glass of wine, twist or Shangju Ming goods tea, or thought, or read, or love, came out of the corner of the soul feelings of aging , graceful pure heart.In the rainy season, or concept, or reward, or pro-pour, drizzle into the bamboo forest and the Ching Ming played music, pure heart wise.Best Run wind rain, the number of stars the moon, mountain view day, near the mountain lake, the breakdown of the fleeting years, child care, Yu Jing of heart, and as.  Looking at the busy, furrowed eyebrows, the heart sigh, sub-health, depressed word out quietly.Phase heart has asked for several years, what clever people do, what to think?Difficult conclusion.In these flowers, enough to live comfortably the twenty-first century human emotion faded, heart cloud, the body of heavy shackles, conditions are good, to live high, the sea and not smell, do not know for households.Burglary face walls, stands out room, car vehicles to take, should not be rubbing shoulders.Phase should be bitter, punctuality blessing hard, colored paper, fascinated by wine, heart away.    Part III: Heart Gv time away, I ask myself, want to write, to write something, but my heart just burst of confused, a little anxious.Born in eighty tail, long in the nineties, and true when they see the world in 2000 after the.Born in a village seems old, from the beginning of sensible, sound is the case must leave the village, to become the city people do not understand anything of a heart striving for the goals themselves do not understand, go to college do not be like a father to do the same farmers facing loess back into the air.  Grow up, live, day by day, year after year, he has finally left the village.Finally one day, people grow up, sinking heart also will grow, know, have their own dreams, but helpless hidden in the bottom of my heart.Barely smiled, seeing barren from downtown, to see downtown from the barren, to and fro, hazy.The heart the words to say good friends, mostly fuss of a class of words.Is not making a fuss, I do not know, do not want to know, perhaps after many years this problem will be turned into ash.  He lit a cigarette, trying to make their mind calm down.Something they do not want to go back as long or short life, right and wrong are already a matter of the.Pessimistic yet?No, not really.No longer just heartless laugh, some slightly sad.I remember once when young people ask me why I was alive at that time, I just giggle, because I do not know the answer, it now know the answer, but can not tell, I think I face the same problem, I still would laugh, just not giggle.  Retired and sit, take a trip back to the village.Why I can not go back, or simply to escape something.Old village, some run-down, listening to people say that people have moved out of the village, there will not be long before the only ruins.I’m still no expression, slowly walking in the village dirt track, looking bit of memory.Perhaps the only way I can firmly remember here that once belonged to the sinking of the heart.

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