Awkward survival

If this is the Ching Ming Festival, I rarely have time to rest.It is because of this hard-earned day off, I realized how much of my life is no sense.It’s that again and again day after day, simple and busy to spend year after year.I realized that I was in addition to the work, not the things of their own.The real is only for something to eat!Since the beginning of this life two years ago, I have been looking forward to a part of my vacation, and now, the new leave arrangements so that most working people in the country have the rest of the time.And I therefore feel that I was living just how blind.Blind life nothing is too much joy or sorrow, and even that is not really even life.But it is alive.Forget what I have to do and forget the place had to go, had forgotten longing for life, everything is buried in the sand in this life.Especially because today we can sleep late at night to sleep and desperate to dawn, and nothing appeals to me do not go to sleep, but was afraid that the holiday quietly fade away after I closed my eyes in.And I woke up, found himself no more enjoy what happiness is still a fear of loneliness and unexpected.When I sat in front of the computer again, only to feel this breaks my life is how horrible day off.Coke bottle on the ground to pick up a drunk to the point that the rest is not a black liquid bubbles, do not think “Coke”.This “Pepsi” does not seem to include me in things.But at least I do not have to worry about work, you can sit here quietly cranky.I miss home, I miss my wife, I miss once high-spirited with friends.Perhaps they would like me so tired, maybe they live in the sunlight than I like.I am tired after sleep, the dream I want to kill, did not kill.I Henbuxiaxin, could not do it, even if in a dream.I turned out to be so timid and weak.Bundle banknote paper cut hands still dry itchy, itchy always something perhaps not deep wounds.Like the depths of the soul, there is always bound souls struggling, but just as rough hands tied banknote paper cuts in general.There are too many accidents and unwilling to.I always hope for a better future, dreaming of tomorrow’s beautiful, looking forward to the realization of dreams, and today goes by the laissez-faire.Live for tomorrow but it is painful; there is no thought of tomorrow is blind, but not today who is suffering.Ali, 88 monkeys love to say stick to the metaphor of the day after tomorrow, and I fell right in yesterday.Silent, even he is not aware of.People have trouble because memory is too good, but I was alive in the memory of people.No hobbies, no likes and dislikes, knee-jerk live today.Everything seems to be just an animal instinct for survival, like human beings awkward survival.Puppet dressed in human skin.Like a good movie to black magic with the soul in exchange for the power of the Dark Knight, in front of only endless darkness.Like the Black Pearl pirate ship those immortal.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM)

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