Azalea general chess

In my life journey, in addition to infatuation home patch of landscape, little infatuation or more times to look for another piece of landscape, the upper bound of the head is an exception.  Every time I go on the community head, my heart is a very special feeling, instead of being infected magical piece of landscape, is to be moved by the people there.Over the mountains to grow a mountain basin, raising the quality Pushan Min between a group of mountains.This is more than a good place!  This year’s “May Day” holiday, poet Tian said to look beautiful small village – the upper bound of the head, I turned down all the entertainment, is pleased to accompany.Forecasters say moderate rain storm, natural and ultimately heart at first worried, although the rain boots and umbrella ready, but after climbing wading, who can guarantee that no mountain landslide, not muddy roads?Fortunately, when we went to the village director house, sky and no rain, only clouds rolling in.We stopped the car, put things, for good shoes, then embarked on the road to see the chess board General of azalea.  General chess is the upper bound of the head along the mountain collectively, are recorded on a county scenic spots.Here an altitude of about 1200 m.Legend of the hill there is a whole stone, there was this general Yangxing people play chess with chess, raised armies, so called generals chess.Legend also has a stone on top of a peak, long 1.5 meters wide and 1.2 m, the shape of the flag, the flag will be named.Zhang Zehuai “Yongzhou names Poems”: “to make Rock-bound on the head, Gen. banners overnight stay.Where a non-final class immortal shall not, true or false rumors total endlessly “.General chess is many times I would climb to the upper bound of the first place without the board, so this is bound to head on only one goal: general chess board, see azalea.  In fact, azalea rhododendron.When young, their mother mountain firewood, the rhododendrons flower in the wood back to Mao, the envy of many companions, the red flowers chew in his mouth, a hint of sweet aftertaste in the mouth, durable ghost ; young Hou, look at the revolutionary modern Peking opera “azalea mountain”, “azalea” song echoed in the mountains, in the mouth sung, was sad that bloody, that was the envy of selflessness; middle age, news azalea Festival on a variety of people at the mouth of Yangmingshan azalea flowers, monasteries, although there is no opportunity to see Fang Yan, but stole the soul photo soul azaleas had the heart softened.Therefore, the general point of view chess cuckoo, and my heart kind of sweet taste is unspeakable.  General cuckoo chess point of view, we first see is at the foot of the plants and flowers.We saw a Puff of white wild rose, perfectly clean; see the dense milk vetch, red violet Montreal; see the gray of paulownia flowers everywhere, “land of snow”; see the left and right bunch of bunch purple rhododendrons, rare yet elegant; see the colorful horse breast flowers, fresh and elegant; see.”Mo flowers from March to open,” we can not “small garden fragrant path wandering alone” because of bad weather, must catch up before the rain comes, look at that Jiumu generals chess and azalea.  General cuckoo chess point of view, we see a mountain of water down from the mountains and mountain people.Woodland hillside of discarding one field portion.No foresters and no houses, only milk vetch flowers all over the floor, only the gurgling of a water ditch, Bai Liangliang from inside the sparkling green jump.Village director to take the lead hands that skim the water for drinking, said this water to drink, good for people, mountain people drink this water over many years, most of the long life.Mountain azalea, rhododendron mountain water, the water should be good.We are holding water, journeying with drink, like a child sucking a white mother’s milk.  You see in front, laden with goods down the Colts, they are the mountains of transportation, pack down the mountain is hope.Climb to the top of the mountain down, they are high pavilion near the village.Others to travel outside mountains and rivers, they reward cuckoo in the nearby mountain to see the beauty of the home front.Own their own love of landscape, its own glamorous own reward.We asked how far the road, how the above views, mountain tells us: not far, just four miles, good scenery!However, above the fog, only to see the front of azalea.Peers who have started to play “backed away” but our goal is top of the hill, is a move in chess where.  General cuckoo chess point of view, what we see is the vagaries of the clouds on the top of the hill and very bright azalea flowers.He came to the top of the hill, the vast Wu Hai.People walk on the ridge, fog float on the ridge.Within ten steps, flowers and green trees, the Millennium azalea red as fire, thousands of shrubs such as blue green; ten feet away, Lan fog filled the air, hidden mountain overlying water, world of chaos, see the sun.At this point, everything is disappointing, particularly the long road.  When we came to the place move in chess, and did not see the board, only one flat stone ax as Kanxiang sky, side look a bit like a banner.Is this stone chess General name?  Suddenly, Aries eastward on the prairie clouds chase away such as mountain exposed, at the foot of the mountain ridge emerged to head the upper bound of the mountain azaleas very glamorous presented under the blue sky, it can not be as beautiful Speaking!  General chess azalea, red sensation.Old rhododendrons.Shao spend more, a flower is a red horn, they squeeze squeeze pay to pay on the branches, declaring the advent of summer, flower spit from the speakers, like a little girl’s hand in front of mouth, passing a warm season.Flowers is a group of girls dressed in bright red, a busy market in a hurry, then a cluster of a cluster, even a bunch of a bunch of flowers, the rolling hills, and even into a sea of red.That the mountains west of the hillside, is dotted azalea, like giant red belt, red song singing, dancing red dancing, flying up and down, Some Like It Hot.I do not know when God created the world, why always a red clouds at an altitude of 800 – 1500 meters of height inaccessible places cloth, a self azalea flowers, Shunhuangshan so, Yangmingshan so, the generals also true chess!  Azalea chess generals, especially bright red.Here azalea, rhododendron purple mountain is different, not purple red, red azalea different from the city, not brilliant red, different from the picture presented on Yangmingshan azaleas, and too light.Azalea here, at the time of Clearing the air, smile and seemed to be just leaching from the water, mouthwatering, colorful, glamorous exquisite.There are peers who like voracious flowers thief, and wanted an azalea themselves, take home, and a bunch of a bunch of folding, one hand is not enough, use a hand, not enough hands, tie with string stand up.To be honest, I want to break a few bundles distributed to family or children, so that they will also enjoy tours of red azalea on the flag, but when shaking my hand to that new to squid.So glamorous flowers, so hard to grow into the essence of the Millennium between heaven and earth, how can I bear to break down, so that they “crumple red azalea Montreal, Yushan dumping hard to help,” it!I have not finally taken back to a bunch of home, but flowers are deeply reflected in my heart.  Later, I wrote a piece of azalea flowers for the four sentences: “In general chess red azalea, popular Chongshan proud space.White mist wind cover eyes, glamorous own their own crazy “.

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