The district where the bloom crop of another crop, now azaleas in full bloom.But only pink and lavender are two kinds of trees are small, yellow-green leaves, small leaves, there are some hairy surface, open the neatly trimmed in green belt.Separated by a wall of a small park also has high azalea less foot, also two colors, pitifully low trees, flowers will bloom sparsely.Plus Lianriyinyu, it seems they are a lazy poor way.This flower can only be called azaleas it, but I remember cuckoo flower is the azalea, they are by no means is this.  Azalea As the name suggests, is red, that is how red ah.Like fire, is more intense than the fire; Xia like, more brilliant than Xia; as blood, blood thicker than.It was intractable, pale wash of red, it really is cuckoo of bloodshed?Azalea open season is an exuberant season, is a booming season.Mountains and plains of the azalea move upwind dance, is like a small red face floating back and forth, intoxicating red, that tall flowers on tall straight-limbed will make your eyes shine.You indulge in their beauty; you sigh able to stand them so warmly to show their vitality on a steep, barren slopes of a high finish; you marvel that they are out of the ordinary leaves but so proud of, gorgeous flowers.You will be infected by them, felt his blood as they accelerate the flow; feel the face of what has filled with enthusiasm.  A child, I always think, azalea opened, that is the real spring came.Up cattle on the hillside, exposure to blood-red flowers, and even their annihilation, and I would imagine a beautiful and proud flowers.Then spend a lot of plucked, keep long length branches, take it home and plug in the can or bottle is inserted in the open space around their houses, they can stay open for a long time, plug in the earth sometimes spend thanks, but also to grow new leaves on the branches, they have infinite vitality, the least discerning flowers.  But the city did not see this purple flowers, pink are open very carefully, not so enthusiastic attitude, nor no secret, it is no exaggeration to bright.Azalea is the natural beauty, is the pride of the United States.These azaleas but only restrained the United States, forced a smile beauty.Even the poet wrote pen azaleas is lonely: “cuckoo bonus in the hillside grass does not come to serve small fir companion butterflies do not come to congratulate the gallant bees do not – well lonely red azaleas you – no, I’m waiting I’m afraid you came here when you lonely, “I think, no flowers lonely, only the lonely people.But lonely people to see the drive so intense love of flowers, hearts you will get a little relief.  So let’s open our hearts azalea some of it more Hongyan.

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