Baba’s hometown of rice shoots

[REVIEW] in such simple you come to me, a strong nostalgia get specific expression, the feelings between neighbors has been deepened, children are a non-solution of the greedy days of non-eating festival in Baba, school is a happy scene.  Over the years I forced livelihoods, the annual rush out to make a living, unwittingly has more than ten years.While the meantime has to do unspeakable suffering bumpy, but it can be a blessing in disguise Bianchang flavor characteristics around the “Baba” and deeply delicious food is not light.Needless to say fragrant dish of Guizhou cotton cake, not to mention the fragrant and delicious southern Zhejiang pickles Nuo Nuo rice cake, do not speak a strange name from countries in Southeast Yunnan cake walk away; but I miss the most is the favorite or one kind of hometown Anhui Spring Festival, called Baba shoots rice dishes.    I planned economy era when childhood, rarely eat snacks, not buy, there is no spare cash to buy, money is the day of reckoning over the job.Eat mostly do their own homes, such as the New Year should do when Baba dumplings fried rice and sugar.Wannan the “Mid-Autumn Festival Dragon Boat dumplings Baba” argument, meaning rice dumplings Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival to do Baba, one owned by one of what to do what to eat is also a distinction.    Before and after the annual Qingming, spring is a good time for countryman.After plowing rake fight, we should soak the rice.As the saying goes: “Qingming bubble rice to be back in February, March Qingming soak rice in advance.”Bubble is to make rice had a good selection of rice, washing clothes on the door springboard small river near the water soak for 48 hours and then placed in a plastic pocket scooped, and then wrapped in plastic bags, or with a jacket wrapped.So after a few days after the closure of Wu, rice buds on the heat, to be buds dark to a certain extent, spread out on the ground.In a few days, it can be sown in paddy fields.Caesar finished, the rest of the rice shoots, dried on dustpan.By the time a visitor or what holiday and leisure experience, the country folk of the dried buds rice in milled on stone.At least this grinding mill is a job to be two people who can make a man pull a man to wear the eyes of filler; a is an effort to live, is a technology live, the two cooperation, a mill will grind a few Hours.Grinding down is a mixture of flour and chaff, first remove the coarse sieve Kang flour sieve basket, and then have to wait dried rice noodles, dry enough to shape into groups in his hand, and put some called “bamboo steam basket on “things, cooking rack in the pan, pour steamed down the board, such as when cooled to not hot, in order DIY.Baba first flour with water to make a paste, and then their own production of rapeseed oil to hot wok baked good, finally a paste made of flour round sheet, on which package meat with pickles tofu plus fried salted grain filling or filling of sweet red bean paste.Then it will be hot in a felled stick wok, wok to be attached to the side like burning rice crust.Spatula scoop up, rolled over and attached to the pan, and bake oil and then burned.After baking the other side until the crust-like, it may lead bud rice Baba.Baba eat rice shoots up Nuo Nuo, the oily, particularly refreshing, with a kind of rice buds do not taste fresh; adults and children love to eat.So as a child, whenever my father and my sister both men soak rice Chanmao like always begged him to set aside some of bubbly with Baba.    Well let’s send some children to go to the neighbors.Receive the gift of the people naturally quite happy, because this is not just a few Baba, which is also full of friendship with each other, also want to: can not such thing as a people’s right?You will also find a busy day of hands to do the same so that children can also send some to the neighbors in the past.In this simple you come to me, a strong nostalgia get specific expression, the feelings between neighbors has been deepened, the children are in a non-day festival of eating non-solution of the Baba greedy, are nothing but happy sight.    In recent years, the country did buds rice Baba less, but even many children like shoots of rice have not seen Baba.But dumplings have often buns, rice shoots reason is that doing Baba process is much more complex than rice dumplings.And now grow rice less, Tian became the ponds are dug, raw materials get well.However, I was more strongly miss it living in a foreign land, and even dive into the depths of my sleep.

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