Baby Do not Cry – addressed to all children admit defeat

Returning to the blue of the sky still has it.It chest with his boundless inclusive of the clouds, they either play slapstick, either changing, either of these all come, easy go in a hurry.It’s great to shameful tolerance. Perhaps everyone’s life has little bleak, but the only difference is the mentality.Some people choose a positive and optimistic face, but some people chose to evade the pessimistic, so it caused a different process and results, but also forged the destiny and life of the poor. Maybe I was growing enough – Age is not big enough, rich enough experience, experience also inadequate, so will foolishly think they have gone through many.Now can not remember how those days are over, live in a small world in a day, only a handful of people.No outside noise, no sorrow, no tears.In bits and pieces, I learned to be strong, learn some things a person.I am no longer afraid of loneliness, because of the sun, it is fair to everyone, the spread between the warm heart, slowly melting icicles that most solid, no language, it did. Chaoyang heralded the beginning, is a ray of hope; Suiyu sun sets and they herald the arrival of tomorrow morning, the perfect end to a past, smiled and hold up a hope.It is always their own, and it does just sow their own light, warm the hearts of others, only to pay, asking nothing in return, consuming himself warm with others – in addition to those I do not know what else to say, it is the best witness to the eternal, the universe is also the most perfect eternal.We are all children admit defeat, we can brave face all ups and downs, we have witnessed even more resolute presence and increasingly firm steps.Our dictionary will not fail, so we do not think they will fail.Tears does not mean that our cowardice, does not mean we’ll throw in the towel, which is part of our growth, wiped away tears, again raised his head, face new difficulties and challenges.Tears, what has not changed for life, the day after the crying is also a sunny, so we want to humble grass alive and strong, like a snail as a step forward, because we have a little big dream, They have their own strong. Maybe one day I’ll forget the world, the world will be forgotten, but before that, I must work hard.Because, at least I still have my own will never give up.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) “We are all God’s favorite child,” he wants us to be more strong than others, so let us bear more tempered than others, we must learn to calm. I do not know what will happen next, I do not know what will be in front of the road, I do not know what the future will experience.Future, there are many more do not know, but it is certain that we have an unyielding heart, the fiery point distance, where there is success belongs to us.Even when the world turned against us, we will not give up.With difficulty, the face of the sun smile, then from life splendid.We will certainly have their own one day, even if that day will be very far away. Thank all the pain in life, is that they let us continue to enrich and grow the.We are the treasure of God, so we will not be weak.Life also warned us not only to smile, but also to keep on smiling, no, do not stop to final. Perhaps now we are just kids, and now everything just to prove that we are also young and frivolous, but one day, we have great president.

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