Baby, I love you original

Baby, really.You just came to this world when.I really do not like you!I ache for three days and three nights in the hospital bed capacity of only gave birth to you, ye know that the next day to see you, day -, you look ugly ah!Tatami nose, eyes not large, but also those of the skin red knit together, like a little old man!I say to upset your grandmother: “Mom, this child looks so hard behold!Nothing like me, ugly dead!”After hearing your grandmother severely beat up fight over, Xiong Baba said:” I say?Dead, dead, dead, just born babies grow this kind, to start eating porridge when it will look good.”I’m starting on the first day, my mother no longer played.I can not think for you, even at my advanced age of twenty-six endured a slap in the face.At that time I wronged hate you, I thought after your day has a hard time, because I will not give your mother a good face to see you.Fortunately, you later how much longer, though not handsome, but passable.But also your grandmother and grandmother body care, so I think black face you can not, they’ll crucify me of the elderly.So I only endured, to you do something wrong and then you retaliate mercilessly!(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) the first time you mess with me freak in your five years old.I’ll take you to the mall to buy things that make you follow me.Once I paid their money, but missing your sight.At that time, I looked for you Huangde know what to do at the mall, you can search through the entire mall have not seen you.Until I find a weakness slumped stairs at the exit of the terrible cry when you appear in front of me, a girl wearing a McDonald’s overalls holding your hand.You tearful called to me gently: “Mom, Mom -” I hold you tight before a rush, cried even more, I knew it was tears of joy.At this moment I knew I had to be in love with you, but my heart do not want to admit it.The following week, I did not ignore you.You bowed his head every day behind me ass, long face: “Mom, Mom -” the whining.I am without even looking at you, not me heartless, you want to remember this lesson.I’m afraid you’ll repeat the same mistakes in the future, I’m afraid of losing you.Because I love you!The next several years you have lived in my face, I’m not happy even if you did not dare say out loud.My mother is your grandmother often took me in front of you, give you courage, can you glanced at me after shook his head and said nothing obediently do your own thing.Mom always said that I Zuonie, to have such a well-behaved son, did not even get a little cute and lively meaning, I shall be whole when he was born, said the word, a “little old man”.Your father is a soldier, of which there are more than two hundred days a year longer with us, so we are closer.You make me feel you grow up you are in the age of seventeen, your father with the troops inspected the sea, on the way encountered heavy fog lost contact.I got the news after lying in bed, motionless.For three days you stay with me, cooking, laundry, mopping the floor, usually I do open, you of all that, still in my ears I kept telling jokes.I know you were also distraught, but I just do not feel like, only quietly watching everything you do, my heart is touched!Three days later, your father called to say he was all right, but in the sea off course, take more than a few days of costly mistakes, communications equipment and bad, can not land immediately and contact, causing the family to worry about, sorry!But because the tasks in the body not immediately return home.I do not know what time I put down the phone, just know that I feel very relaxed.”Triumphantly, you look out.”I looked around a bit, had to stay at my side and when they do not know son into the kitchen to cook, while also doing brisk humming a song tune, I know his heart is joy, because his family still together live in this world, though separated by a bit far, but it is linked to heart.”what is the matter?Mom – “obedient son came to me and the first time I looked at him carefully, seventeen years old, he became hoarse voice, one hundred seventy-three height but only forty-six kg.This is difficult to imagine how skinny boy shouldering the burden in these three days, the father is dead or alive, sad mother in bed, only he choked back distraught supporting the family, it reflects the unprecedented strong.I threw an arm around him, tight.”what happened?Mom – you are not there uncomfortable?”He is very consternation, fearing to say.”Nothing.”I shook my head and said,” I only have something to tell you.”” It is important to do?”He struggled a bit lightly, but I hug him tightly, he had to give up no longer move.”It’s important, very important.”My tone with a bit choked, nodding heavily.”What do you say, I listen.”I hear a tearful voice, he panicked, gently patting me on the back and said comfort.I took a deep breath, with the positive language speech, said: “Baby, I love you!”I think you are petrified by this sudden thing, after a long time and gently break me, blushing, he said:” Mom, Hello nauseating!”Then quickly walked back to the kitchen to continue cooking, but your voice betrayed you, because you sing more vigorously the!I know you like me to say to you!You am nineteen years old, I graduated from high school soon.Every day you will be in front of you out in front of me and said softly: “Baby, I love you!”Every time you will return to me:” Mom, Hello nauseating!”Then I go to school blushing.I know you like, because I look at you all the way excited to say hello to people you know from the balcony on the fourth floor, it looks very coquettish!baby I love you!Although from the beginning I doubted this affection.But I know that between mother and child is flesh and blood, there is no happiness either no longer exist.Days are not so blue, and the earth is not so broad!Sometimes love to show it will make your loved one feel his importance, do not bury it, I should say it is love!Baby, I love you original!

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