Back at the moment

Part one: back at the moment in this earth, some roads have to be a man to face, man to a journey.Then a long way away again, then black and then the dark night, I have to go alone in silence.So many years, I was filled with hope, I walked on, perhaps there will be bright.  - Inscription a long long road, ask a setting sun illuminated the evening, a clear clear melody, a surge of faint faint mist.A person walking in the Indus numerous trails off, pull the old long shadow.The point is that a person, a person walking.  A person walking through the seasons, through Homecoming, through the passage of time.A person walking through the desolate desert, “spring is not degree Pass”, and through the “green and wild and vast, wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep,” the beauty of the prairie.Through the “Lotus flowers in the sunshine,” the slim south, through the “Northland scenery, ice, A thousand Piao,” the Great Wall.A person, a person walking.  A man walk this long road, either flat or rough, or quiet, or muddy.After walking step by step, the string of firm and lonely footprints witnessed time become increasingly heavy.Border for Traveler, just a search process, and get paid often unpredictable, the phenomenon seems to have everything against each other but can not separate existence, joy and guilt, to meet with Hanhen, always simultaneously, at the same time approaching, and , who also refused to concede.We simply bogged down contradictory choice in the face of bifurcation of the foot, gradually became hesitant and weak, as if already started to forget what they are looking for in the end is the.  Haltingly, stumbling occasionally think about it, suddenly we found something positive and slowly pull away from us.Blocking the sun was confused, exhausted froze hope, lonely plugged passion, loneliness denied stubborn.It turned out that just want to have someone beside.  I kept thinking, then a person really appear in front of you, you are amazed at him, he smiled at you.That beautiful scene vividly, like a beautiful mood bloom.The sky was crystal clear as crystal shiny, wipe Danyun a few days hanging on the edge, there are dandelion seeds flying from the front, we met in the vast grasslands, wandering straw hat you wear rough, dusty She smiled at me, at the time in the wilderness, neither earlier nor later step, nice to meet you.Doomed like to meet, walk together.  Through the wildflowers all over the open meadows, through thorny canyon, through fern-filled flowers and lily of the mountain, so long as short a period to spend the day.Ask me recounting scenes of the beautiful scene, a field of beautiful encounter, a plume of joy and parting.Your photography sunset there plateau, sacred Potala Palace, devout pilgrims believers: there are mountains children clear eyes, eyes full of desire to study: there is hope Yi Men dusk elderly child go deep hope.So so many memories, have moved me to tears.May then suddenly, you have to separate from me.Yes ah, this long road, who can accompany you to come to an end, to accompany you to see the ending.Fork in so much, so many options, directions are different from each other end.Like the chance encounter, like the inevitable separation.At the moment, smile.  That evening, gentle enough, ask the sun shine, we stand bifurcation of the road, you smiled and turned around, I smiled and said goodbye.Since then, this long road still is a person, a person’s way, a person walking, but I no longer lonely.  I gaze gently two strings of footprints behind, this moment, the afternoon before the left shoe prints, footprints have the right dusk.In the mountains you or I or in the mountains outside: you or in rivers and lakes, or in frontier me.We look forward to the same sky, miss each other smiling face.  Years later, a look back at that moment, suddenly remembered once troubled your smile, warm heart, I am truly, or so a long long road, or ask you a sun shine in the evening, or a person, a person walking but never confused.Part II: I look back at the moment in life, many people have to face rough weather, countless joys and sorrows.One might say that each of us are experiencing a different section of the journey of life.Life, when he chose a path, set sail on their own when this way of life, perhaps we will really appreciate the significance of the existence and value of human life yourself.But even if known, and a deep Wu, who can smartly took his short game of life path?Who can clearly bearish on everything earthly mortal world in the game of life?Who can comfortably get rid of the pressure of the game of life and active in the face of difficulties and obstacles in the game of life?Nightlife Network’s life like luck trend of the stock – drop downs, unpredictable.In the moment when the rise of just how very pleased, taking advantage of the improved, hearts will have beautiful scenery, ambition around the corner.However, changing the game of life and like a mirage stern, erratic.Ultimately difficult to escape the doom that perish, a twist of fate.  Rush to shuttle in the complex flow of people, looking for their different wonderful life.So in every corner of the world around us in a hurry and bumpy trail.The fate of the game of life.Sigh geometry?The final order to live we still need hard work to run around, looking for our own dreams, at no time in years we have squandered their youth; while red wine and green flowers era numb your nerves, life has become hypocritical and burnout.  Human life adrift, everything seems never to anyone changed!Only through their own real effort was to be the ultimate winner.Life grasp in their own hands, only he is the master of life; he is the real life journey of ostrich hand.Only people who dare Airlines is the most resourceful, most refined masters of life, is the real winner.  The vast sky.Yo heaven and earth.Gu Ying reflected in the summer twilight, the beautiful!Suddenly.Thoughts overtaken by raindrops in the air, crystal clear, beautiful, serene.Heart quietly brushed dust, tired of getting away from life, the mind becomes vicissitudes floral fragrance spread in the heart, never stops.    Part III: Suimu back at the moment a very long time, do not write anything, stopped writing this time, I think, a lot of things I want to quit.I also do not want to pick up a pen because the poor do not want too many people my story, I sympathize with those unpleasant encounter.  I have long wanted to write a diary, think of the idea but should not hesitate to release the story behind those words.If sent in accordance with a very unique diary to me, she told me to forget sad to be a happy woman indifferent, hope is a diary of every record I’m happy happy things.In fact, he really will pick up a pen at home listening to the quiet noises outside the car, and then quietly says those deep, deep in my memory thing or sentence.  It is the afternoon of 15:39, 15:40 is there one minute, just one minute can change a lot of things, you believe it?I believe, because in this minute, I made a decision then, (here too, not to mention it, because it is a secret).Falling outside petals, sunshine makes me think of the sea, that wave in my memory large tracts of pale blue of the sea, if I can, I offer my friends, we travel together, the goal is – the North Sea.  I imagined my future house by the sea, watching the night sky shining in the night sky, listening to the sea outside Xixi, and then there are hugged together a people who love me and I love to sleep.A few years later, I imagined, I have a love and I love the people, carrying our shoes left hand, right hand hold me, we stroll barefoot on the beach watching our children play slapstick on the beach.But fantasy after all want out of life in more or reality.Someone then said to me: “If you realize you can not go to imagine things, then you better not even think about.”So I really do not think about those things deliberately imagine, for example, some people or things.  I’ve always liked three words; “pursuit of reality that can harvest happiness; love and sincere that you can steady; life, the real thing, making my mind moving contacts.”So let me then I think of another sentence:” do not forget yours.To accept yours.So you will feel at ease enough.”Sometimes you just feel like you have had a very favorite things, but suddenly one day be a big bear ran off, you are very sad, very sad, you feel it belongs to you, so you want to grab it come back, so you walk through the jungle of thorns, he kept running non-stop to catch up, but in the end you discover that you actually are not willing to more, rather than how much of it came from you of love and obsession.  So a dream, a drunk, wake up, everything is as ephemeral, if not have, then forget is the best choice, in fact, human life is ephemeral fragile, our lives can not carry too much of the load All must learn to forget, to forget those things that should not be remembered, and forget not all his own, no matter how beautiful scenery, we can only do short-term appreciation, life can not be perfect, there is regret in life is the real life.In fact, some who have untold story, in fact, who would want a dock fragile, who would want a rely, to experience some wind and rain.I just want a little less sad, more happiness.    Part Four: Just back at the moment in the back at the moment, I saw you in the wind.Soulful eyes, tears had crystal clear, piercing the heart.Pale sky, the silent.  You remember how the old, white and blue pants Fengyang hair, bright eyes Shanshe, shot in the gently I.  Remember the past winter, frosty, snow days, a warm hand, I pointed melted ice.  I remember at the past sunset, my laughter on your bike beams bathed in verse, youthful your face.In that golden summer, romantic floating Sky, washing Colorful Dreams.Soft wind, the sun clear, because of you, my heart you.  Remember the fall, it was cold, fog big.SOS call, the hole cut off from God’s you and me.Since then, Tian An, screwed you, I dream, eroding the black night.  Sange is no longer romantic, not gentle rain, no wind the hair around the light.At dusk maple, a lonely silhouette stick into the window Court.  Yesterday, the dream shadows that white hair floating gently whisper, Shining eyes, is that you do?is it?is it?is it?  Gently poke shrouded in fog, you walked into me, in that back at the moment.Dance flying, sounds mildly keyed, whipped white rose petals in the fog, birds chirping, spring BUZZ, Hill launched his mind I embrace you, tree stretch his arm, Qingqi green umbrella, fireflies flash action beautiful little eyes, shuttle haunt you and me.  ”Galaxia turn the sky, earth curtain down.”At the moment it waving,” day then Yuntao even dawn fog, Galaxia would like to switch thousands of fan dance.”Daylight fade, Apollo, why do you get up so early?Staring evanescent mist of you, mind the wind, the storm is blowing from a careless person.

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