Back to Basics

Part One: Back To Basics With the development of society, more and more fast-paced urban life, and unpredictable, people can not figure.We have to adapt to this society, almost every day to change their.Or cater to flatter, or forbear concessions, or deliberately dress, and even force myself to learn, and all this is all camouflage.Although beautiful, but only masks.  Impression, it seems that the image of the angel wings are a child stuck.However, why is it child?In the eyes of the artist, it seems that only children in order to reflect the pure goodness of human nature, are in their innocent eyes, to see a better world, so they have to bring a better world.And we, in this secular and social life for so many years, attention wherever he went, rarely sincere.Let’s get real sophisticated, even snobbish.I think this is the biggest difference between adults and children.But we can not refuse to grow, then, how do we grow at the same time, maintaining pure soul?  Some people say: when a person began to recall, then he is old.I do not think so, the method may well be a fact, a return to the memories.Whenever finishing bookshelves, I will be passing those letters, Classmates, even when children are writing this to attract, and then sit down and slowly read what.Tender words, actually reflect what kind of real, between the lines, although not touching rhetoric, but full of true feelings deeply rooted.When the recall is strong, I would even against the time and space of their own simple rustic yet strange or laugh or cry, or happy or sad.I think I have lost too many innocent.At this moment, I can not allow ourselves to fall again and again in this secular society, I seem to catch a few fleeting pure, I told myself not to forget the pure, my mind also needs to grow up healthy.  Let us always remember to re-understanding of their own, but we can not live in the memories, we still had to return to the reality of their lives.Some people say: Casual man should be a third of the way of life.We are too busy, and for a free way of life, and perhaps is a way back to nature.No one bothered to find an afternoon to forget all the troubles.Cup of tea, a magazine, you may be able to make a better life and real experience.You can also choose a person to travel, often a person’s journey is most able to release the true self.No worries, no burden, but a soul flying.  Sometimes calm down, you will find that, in fact, all forms are thing of the past, all the camouflage, in fact, no need for camouflage.Life is like a big stage, only to show their true, in order to attract viewers.Only by allowing the most authentic interpretation of its own most true story, the most attracted to the real applause.    Part II: see Su Bao Pu, back to nature Zi “Life” article told the story of a carpenter: in Lu, a man named Zi Qing carpenter, he “cut wood for the inlay”.”Insert”, is hanging on both sides of the pillars of bells and drums shelf above the beast will be carving.”Insert”, there is an explanation, it is a musical instrument, carved above the tiger look.  The carpenter “inserts” into a “scared to see those spirits,” to see people are very surprised, really, “Seven Wonders” ah, that the above life-like beast.Azusa celebrate fame, and then spread to the monarch went there, the Marquis summoned Zi Qing, to ask him where the mystery.  Zi Qing very modest.He said: I am a carpenter, What am I to know-how, there is no skills ah!I’m going to insert this, I dare not the slightest loss of their own strength, and to hard to fast.I purpose of fasting is to “meditation”, so that my heart really quiet.  The process of fasting is this: fasting until the third day, I can forget “celebration tour Peerage”, and that is, I can get closure after a successful work ah, to be rewarded ah, ah celebrate, and so on, these things They can be thrown away.In other words, fasting three days, I can forget Lee.  Ramadan to the fifth day, I can forget the “non reputation skillful and clumsy”, and that is, I do not care for others is destroy my reputation is, right and wrong, no matter whether you say I did well, doing a good job Worth mentioning, I do not care, that is, forget the fame.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) fasting on the seventh day, I can forget my people’s “body limbs” that is, the seventh day, reaching ecstasy.This time, I can forget I was in for the work of the court.(You know, the heart has to work for the court anxious, with distractions, to do bad.) This time, I went into the mountains.Into the mountains to find wood I need to observe the texture of trees, see the shape of the right, as if a molded inlay in front.Then I put the most suitable timber cut back, shoving a process, it will become like this now the.Zi Qing finally said, I do nothing more than to be called the “SkyTeam day,” This is my mystery.  Zi Qing carpenter’s story tells us: have a good attitude, you can achieve the best state, it has a “Trina days” in order to get things done best.This is the “Road”.  ”Life” is accessible Zhuang Zi life thinking and exploration.Chuang Tzu build a “road and is one” ideal realm of life to guide people through the pursuit of the “Road”, to life and smooth Shunda.Zi believes that life is accessible to follow the “inaction” of the natural way, this hold true plain root of life, beyond the physical labor was tired, maintaining the spirit of independence and freedom, inside and outside support, but suitable and.  People want to do things, you have to shape labor, the key is how to do things, to what extent the labor-shaped.Secular utilitarian abnormal people caught up in the pursuit of physical labor, was tired.If a man born so, it will hurt students and labor-shaped.”No pain-shaped” emphasize the human body healthy; “fine, no loss” is the emphasis on human mental health.”Pass away”, “abandoning thing”, “left students” as is, but “fine shape whole complex”.”Full-shaped fine multiplexing” may “and a day”.  Carpenter fasting for seven days is actually through three stages: the first stage, forget the interests, not to think with my things, to win a world in Italy; the second stage, forget fame, we no longer think of praise or blame non how important it is for us; the third realm, forget, people are actually only reached the ecstasy, we can do our best.  Wise had warned us: success is not just rely on faith and hard work can get.As the ancients said: “willing to be willing,” only to get homes.Say that all men need an addition, but in many cases, a greater need for subtraction.Simplify the complexity of life, is the true meaning of life; let a heavy life with the leisurely rhythm dance, is the origin of life; make complex ideas back to nature, is the highest level thinker.  Zi Qing carpenter “and the road as a” realm of life, and the success of his simple fact that we can learn.  In today’s competitive era, such a land full of impetuous and impulsive era, to be truly self-realization, self-creation, beyond the self, to do a social, historical helpful person, we should follow the ” inaction, “the natural way to ‘doing nothing’ attitude towards life.  ”Inaction” attitude towards life is in harmony with nature, its proper nature, not against nature to this really strong as rash.This is a “road and is an” ideal realm of life.  Taoism said: “The one two, two three, three things,” but added: “Everything simplicity, anti-Pu return” to little more than a stage of development, but it is the end of all things owned by a law of things.Buddhists believe that everything is more complicated, is the root of the human trouble, just remove all the troubles, will simplify life is the true meaning of life.  Zhuangzi from the back to nature, to the modern return to nature, this is a simple to complex, and then there are complex to simple, from invisible to visible, and from tangible to intangible intellectual advancement “process”, it looks like a cycle, but It has achieved sublimation and increase in circulation.  Therefore, the invisible road, Road to Jane, is a rising spiral of human wisdom to achieve, but also the human mind once again break free of the shackles of the body inevitable!  Zi Qing carpenter tell the world a simple but mysterious truth: Lee forget, forget the name, ecstasy.We call this “Road”, with today’s fashion language, this “Road” is a good state of mind.    Part three: back to nature each of us from the moment of birth, will have a unique talent, with age, it will gradually lose our talent, become ordinary people.Perhaps this is why often said that children are our God-given right angel!  This summer an uncle came back for the summer, uncle said to me: “I remember when you almost three years old, I tell you the history of the establishment of the United States of Wal-Mart, the older children are Tebian love to move, sit still, but you just quietly sitting there listening to me, nod occasionally also agrees, after I finished, you say: Xiaojiu, I have set up a company like Wal-Mart.Also took special decent piece of paper Tu Tu painting, to write down their goals, on the wall.At that time I thought: My niece is definitely not an ordinary person, but now you let me down, and now you, like all young people.You may not remember me almost a year.”Yes ah, now nineteen year-old I’ve lost all my good moral character.I told all the young people now, vain, cynical, could not understand everything.Then the little girl has disappeared in this materialistic society.  I have nineteen dare dreaming, three years old I had a dream of the establishment of China’s Wal-Mart, but I could not even dream of courage nineteen year old is gone.For me, 16 years is not just the passage of time, or a future dissipate.When I found that I become now, really hate myself, trying to find traces of the original, but fortunately I still go far, you might be able to get it back.  Now we may need to stop himself busy pace, look back.Find his goodness, truth, courage and all our good things.Too long without a break people will forget their own direction to go, and sometimes we should use a child’s mind to think about things, there may be different views.  I hope we can bravely face their own, taken away after the passage of time things only our youth.Either way, keeping most really own, leave all your good things.  When we walk the road of life, but also to look back, and now what we lost on the way to go.    Part Four: I understand it’s like a return to writing as one who wants to go beyond their own, after a step on each, from the patch of sky above will be getting closer, whether poet or a writer, wants to find his breakthrough, standing in a different corner of ideas with others to see the world, there should be some Taichetaiwu.Every heart, after all, to be back to nature, back to where initially walked, re-take the trip again.Someone once said a word, poets writers are buried keeping everything the pain of childhood, then pour on the world, this argument also has some truth.Before a new idea is a breakthrough, whether poet or writer, in the heart has a deep sense of nostalgia, this land away from home, it seems as if there is no life at all, the soul can not find sustenance, grief can not find care, From ancient times, many literati have a lot of description on the home of classic articles and poetry, no matter how fast walking pace, much soul drift away, are a permanent home unbeaten sing songs.Perhaps this home, feel the people have changed, tatters, or warm and pleasant, gentle harbor, many, many.The village was a rich vegetable bed, as well as Crooked Creek, all with dreams of childhood, nostalgia will become helpless and chaotic affair.  Now write the theme of rural people really sand, are springing up, unstoppable, why go to the countryside to write theme?Live in a big city, many people every day noisy, the city has long been the complete indifference of the soul looted things the city has developed rapidly, tall buildings, night feasting street, and people in drunken debauchery, full street chasing BS-ing sound, middle of the night shouting those Guikulanghao, like nightmares filled over the city.Every individual wants to get rid of the shackles, chasing freedom, but why not talk about the words hanging in the mouth, a unit, a family, a group, these rows like a good teacher homework, is waiting for you one go carry out.  I still can not learn words fickle, panic, perhaps with my experience related, but a long time, into that circle, I also learned to disguise, I put the strong appearance as armor, not to say resolutely do not say, those water chestnut are being ripped off in me a root footprint in the years, rather than the pain of the body, I feel even more isolated is the largest collective suffering.I learned to see the world blindfolded, cover your ears hear sound, closed mouth do not speak, I look fairly decent, but I became deaf and blind and dumb, full of a monster.Why do many people are talking pen story v. Rural themes, but also a large space to devote extensive offer, a typical farmer image vivid, typical of migrant workers, typical of rural women, typical of rural children, why go spreading these things do?In short, because the rural people honest, kind, no harm, no more alert of heart, when a wrinkled old man holding hands rural cooked potato for you to eat, and go Shihai donated some for you, how you the much moved, although things not worth much money, but it is the best thing in the countryside.City people do change, it will not have such a charity, would rather rot in the trash and will not take the initiative to give people, evil has long been alert to prevent the psychological mind soiling.A building of people, door to door, do not speak, do not say hello, step by step every day to do their own thing.  Big Brother simple and honest and simple farmer’s image became an awe-inspiring righteousness, on why the coat brother Zhu Wen TV so famous, not because he sings well to sing, he sings better than a lot of people a lot, but a genuine farmer singing, then it is a beautiful landscape, because he was a simple and honest farmer symbolizes and represents a collective, we promote a harmonious society today, but also need a group to promote the unity of a nation, we call it blame for positive energy.Previously read “A World Without Thieves” The film, which will have a daft little people, kind-hearted man, and never have any greed, because he is good, he also believes that all people in this world have a good mind is not evil, not knowing that the world is more complicated than he imagined, the final outcome is still good, although we are masters of death crying, but just to stay in the goodness of people’s hearts between , so that people remember forever that love to laugh, silly fools, interspersed with positive energy that one’s inner being alert all the time to us, guide us, but this is a fellow traveler of good and evil, there is good will be the root of evil nature, we see the beauty of human nature, this little open sunflower in the sun, the sign of justice and perseverance, but also the evil of human nature, that is not the dark side of sunlight, is planning a ramble its greed our eyes can not see, because this little beautiful sunflower obscured all evils.  The most stupid is the most lovely, most honest is the most trusted, revealed the most primitive of all the good will, this world no more complaining, no longer have all the dirty things, from the written word is showing good things, contrasting the tatters of this world, both good and evil things that exist in the present, you who say who more than less, it is not good to decide, and no one has the ability to decide.Unconsciously we have become purveyors of lies, we say run counter to the world, about the world, what we can react, you need to add a lot of modifications, this will be a lot of things that are tragic painting satisfactory conclusion, let this be the masters tearful face suddenly nervously happy smile, will present the bloody life wrapped spotless, all the same story, good things are people’s hearts desire, but out of the text, which lives there are so many beautiful.  Now there are great changes in rural areas, with the progress of the times, the return of migrant workers return home employment, housing demolition, compensation accounted for the Land, a Chinese New Year, all these people as wealthy as the FCL FCL rushed burning fireworks fireworks, a night put a few Daqian.Land a little money, do not know the use of resources, all day long mountain sea eat and drink, booze used to gamble, lose a night houses several buildings, really mad, and some also eat the flour, eat like a Houjing, He sat several times in prison, later released, hardcore and continue to eat, eat and go to jail, later released, and instigated by others, usually relatives of victims and relatives, a man surnamed harm a surname, a get are eating flour, dead or maimed eat dead, most poor children must belong to some of the affected children born flour is born mentally retarded.I used to substitute in the home, there are three mentally retarded children in the class, at first I did not know, when I found out, it was too late, I want to change the class, but the class schedule are lined up, how can I say to change to change the.My most scary thing every day and deal with those few mentally retarded children, often I turned around, few child disappears, because the school is a carrot a pit, generally you can not find the people to substitute, Moreover, I was just an intern, I was panic, do not know how to deal with, it must be bent to criticize president, to immediately leave the book, go for around three mentally retarded children, so I put people to come back after that, the entire class has 乱成一锅粥, it was also really failed.Look Look at the three mentally retarded children, will only drooling, innocently he smiled at me, when I was afraid to do morning exercises take students out, the sound of music, and that several children, gave what moves you play all over , and there is also a full playground to run around ooo, ooo, I felt at that time really is not a good substitute internship job.But think about that a few children really poor, remarried jail, reform the parents sitting on the older people become their backing.  I hear a lot of listening to these stories, and more will feel this world as we actually depicted so beautiful, because rural women bear the burden of life choose to remarry, working out countless, lost and lonely work because the whole mess is also plethora, the whole out of wanderers and lost everywhere.Because toddlers are not natural and fight a lot of people, and because not natural wanderers decorum plunge hanged drink dichlorvos lot of people, because there is no ability to raise more than toddlers, men outside Chihepiaodu, in desperation woman commit suicide are not uncommon.  To pay would point land claims, son and I Guangzhebangzi fist thrown in the street, swear decorum skin, because the land compensation to war, to petition to hold explosives and bomb the township government, the whole village like so much noise suddenly ripped the cat among the pigeons pot.The whole street at night through the night, through the night, winning always wanted to sleep, the more want to lose winning more fierce, bank credit to the tens of thousands, always want to win back their money, I did not expect gone, until a few years also come to the money, the money has already turned over several times, I am afraid that this money should have decades to clear Oh!  This village gang Xiaonian Qing, did not read good books, thirteen-year-old Zhao Renqu just work, fifteen-year-old to get married a few, a few days ago I also eat a few wines are aged in girl, but people do low-key, without fanfare to a dinner party, but people are going to know, be a host family to face, but in the side of many who make irresponsible remarks, but also tell a trouble end, really endless.After years over the whole village quiet a lot, and divide it among wage earners, like the gang after another to go.But the street or down the street mahjong dice sound constantly, which can not stop this battle, because they always want to have a winning or losing, winning would like to win another one, want to regain this lost even more, without beginning or end, because stay up all night play mahjong also crippled a great people, in order to really win or lose the fight.There is a stockade eating flour collective go to jail, the entire stockade overnight became empty nesters, who left after the overall relocation of tile-roofed house, house walls, also rain and wind, midnight, if from those walls had bypass heap, mountain breeze blowing the broken walls and broken glass window sill, Guikulanghao general roar, the heart really a little fear, looks like a ghost town stockade, leads people to have so little fear.  Barren land was expropriated, and even buried people have no place coming from, but the dead to be buried after all, a year ago this place was started burning system, without a large coffin, older people, a listen to the news, worried about their death Shiguwucun, ready ahead of time, Yao, and have run away, and now we all figured out, to adapt to changing times, how do go how do.The consent of the land quickly, that this is not within the planned range of barren hills also were razed, the old people say Qinglongshan, White Tiger Hill also all been leveled, and the graves of our ancestors just a pot of soil under grave also scrape flat, for which numerous and sudden wind and rain, the entire village has been turned upside down, everywhere axle India.  I heard this place to build a large plant, this is the start of several billions also heard that this place to be the overall relocation also heard that because of environmental reasons, this place is not suitable for factory repair, confused panic sleepless nights in order to lose more than money, capped with a layer of three or four houses, and regardless of whether the bear footing, while others with lower hollow brick footings, overnight, some barren land full of large and small built hollow brick, the government ordered the family not illegal buildings, painstakingly assembled a team of demolition, repair quickly, too quickly demolished, a morning time, those hollow floor on torn down, confused everywhere brick rubble, a tatters look bleak.Can not build a house, then go to plant fruit trees, also overnight, hillsides are fruit trees, in short order reparations, every inch of this place there is no one is empty, the villagers also took out an unprecedented catch spirit, enthusiastically into the ranks of species of trees in the forest, it really is crazy, there are policy measures to counter, but the government is not a vegetarian home, broke down the walls of the house to pay to see is not hollow bricks, land is cement is not light, and lose seedlings to hand to Lara, and has been planted just uploaded a few years there is a big difference, fruiting and fruiting is not a measure of.  After years had finished, a lot of quiet village, young men away, leaving the elderly and children, to go to the market a day, the villagers will come to the fair, regardless of money or not, have to walk around, filled potato pieces are dried bean curd stall, these old people can not buy anything in short, but several kilograms of tofu meal wine is indispensable, but every game will go, and then dispersed field, those old drunken disorder fell to the road next to a large cold days also deaf ears, kneeling, lying, in short, what position has, on the eastern slopes a few days before the sudden death of a person, it seems fair to go home when the day lying on the roadside too far, this man eight is Zuisi, and dead for several days, but fortunately, a number of hot days, cold days, then, a grass and forest road on both sides of the street there will be a few drunken man lying down, is dead or alive do not know, I do not know how the final deal, do not know there is no one claims.  In fact, the reality in rural areas did not like the story of the choreography is so wonderful, there is bitterness, there are many unknown side, everywhere these vicissitudes how to draw it into a successful symbol, really hard.Bones tragedy, let it be a tragedy it!Let the world flow of tears a few drops of pathos not better.Back to nature, this really, there are a lot of vicissitudes and tears, there are a lot of people’s ignorance and ignorance, there are too many sharp contrast.Back to the good and the beautiful, ugly ugly, how to evaluate?This is not to say, only a little closer to the real thing, but they can not touch the bottom line reality, what is good?What is bad?How can so many gaps, stop and meditation all, everyone’s different ideas, to treat things would be different views, listen to the stories of others, to think about their own life, it should be the most sensible choice.    Part five: back to nature like the word for decades, but always can not control this charming little angel; often eager to punctuate the final chapter is the residue, shy and gauche.Venture to say today in this period of real facts, confirms a return to the principle of a.  She had also had a naive, live wave cute happy childhood.However, vigorous Mandarin Revolution will revolutionize the country, will revolutionize her home, but also changed just sensible that her character.Since then, in the eyes of others she was proud and lofty, and cynical, also received a loud clang clang “cold beauty” nickname.Zero seven meters tall, she is fine white skin, big eyes, high nose, small mouth.Generally look cool, she only laughed before giving the impression that she affinity, and therefore large group where she always seemed very gregarious.  Special family circumstances she is absolutely positive factor, “excellent in all aspects,” she and her parents are required to own goal!Eventually, she read books and write beautiful calligraphy, poetry, good writing; red books she has advanced worker stacks.Same age, same situation, people looked the same unit where she was outstanding, but out of tune!No matter how lofty not have to eat it?She often went to buy food, however, it is always “empty when returned,” young and old beggar total road by her generosity moved to dance away!Family advised her to say that they are more deceptive, and she will look Stern said: “They really pathetic.” .Things like this will become numerous people run her jokes.  Never strike up a conversation with people talking to her, but often shelter in the yard out of the house the children in their own home for dinner.Bullying bullying the weak and old people do not run into her, once encountered, beat her out of his mouth, then you still can not find a quasi mad at her stubble.Customers to come back to her gift will be reprimanded dingy carrying things, actually bother to say hello when its meet again, she felt completely unreasoning!The unit in her eyes that nobody wanted to take public stitch, if “unruly” behavior to her that she’ll say: “less cheap public accounting!”In this case call you embarrassed, even an old newspaper she also tell you the same Xiabulaitai.He says what people say behind her otherworldly!  The only good that year, she was like a changed man like, see the initiative to greet acquaintances, occasionally very funny to the people a line of Hitler salute.Because people pretty, suddenly put down the former “frills”, and people get along together is especially affinity.Between Moran found her smile more, to understand human nature, the more extensive the love, humility and courtesy to see if their loved ones were of general!  Although a change in the date of her lofty extraordinary charm as ever, and looks behind the already tottering state into old age.Weekdays will expel like a child as others road, afraid to stay alone at home, watching TV would cynical laugh or cry; because sedentary and fat family forced their exercise, but she is not lazy is talking about conditions she likes to eat ice cream, and sometimes even eat rice sprinkled on the table, will also argue will certainly seize the opportunity to say; “a Journey ah!”.Like childlike, funny and cute.  Human life is like a circle, starting and ending almost approximation.He came naked to grow in the tempered, strong in the rain.After the old, the brain cell aging, frail, moving further and further hobbled back to childhood like a general, eventually go naked.And pinch those years FY sweltering day and the sun is not, do not use it to describe a return?

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