“Back to nature”

A number of sea days do not mesh, because tedious things, turn a few twists and turns wasted, finally Andhra quiet. Pour over the stage again, looking back at the past the past, I could not help feeling a few degrees! Superficial, like paper gold bustling ups and downs, short-lived. Egypt eventually end up covered in dust dust.Inconstancy unpredictable people, it is intended to cold sad, laughing Red Melancholy sad how many, it is better to shake off the dust.Let it calm mind.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) Hugh fame around the world to ignore upset, making a living bitter struggle; acid body tired body. Both physical and mental exhaustion.Not as good as the Red bearish self-cultivation, dive in the mortal body, meaning in the mountains.The highest level! How in the world ups and downs, panic sorrow.Several people deep taste, True Detective? Life is short, laugh or, tears worth mentioning, Ye wake up, dream worth mentioning.Who bearish? Far better to take a balcony, Yen Mei smile.Going! Look between the bustling city of reinforced concrete, possession of much frustration poignant? Pedestrians coming and going, behind the passing of a played out a wonderful big stage of life. Sad indeed, happy indeed. Twilight harbor, the lights dim bother anyone can Melancholy thing; actually left brain? That will dry red wine, drawing near.Drunk a good back and enjoy it again? What a dream life in the mirror month, Nankeyimeng party hate late. See changing, the ebb and flow.Mirage, fingertips. Only follow nature, sunrise and sunset. Follow the crowd, go with the flow. Hugh tube life scores, bother injured spleen. No distractions, seeding. I can only wish the hearts circle. Boundless love bury the tireless mind how much trouble edge. The hatred of the Red, the auspicious Qi sky. Saman love, smile lit up the world, share the warmth. Red does not go in vain this life once, save the rest empty regret!

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