Nike authority to resolve a whole new generation camp cushioning system

  Very lightweight foam can also be flexible。
In general, however, the foam can not be both lightweight and elastic but also excellent durability。 For Nike innovation team consists of cushioning, including experts and chemical engineers, this is the obstacle to its innovative power, they developed hand in hand rather than two of the same time both a Three dominant foam。 Its achievement is NikeReact, both Nike cushioning technology innovation again, is an important breakthrough footwear foam material。   NikeReact Nike also good examples of in-house manufacturing and innovation。 In repeated hundreds of times, the Nike fine tuning of chemical substances – to use the scientific method to add new material properties。 May wish to think about the cake recipe –NikeReact R & D is also starting to test various types of raw materials and ingredients to see what kind of results the best results。
This proprietary foam makes Nike Nike have complete control over NikeReact features and manufacturing processes, but also allow the company will be able to use this innovation to more athletes and sports to go。
  NikeReact can provide excellent rebound。   Although there are many performance advantages are obvious, but no kind of movement can be smoothly testing three standards like basketball, like。 Slamball movement needs to continuously change direction and speed, or complete the take-off in the twinkling of an eye, and these actions are constantly challenging shoes。 NikeReact This material feels both soft and flexible, but also soft and stable。   NikeReact provide excellent energy feedback, as the game progresses, always consistent Jiaogan。
  NikeReact first applied and NikeReactHyperdunk2017, the Draymond Green (Draymond Green) appeared for the first time wearing。
Each pair of shoes contain embedded NikeReact core length of a full charge。   Both basketball shoe design has athletes as data support – how they move, what direction to how power – provided by the Nike Sports Research Lab。
These pressure profile data visualization and accurately display the location athletes need support, we can fully optimize cushioning and grip。   As part of Nike cushioning revolution, NikeReact is redefining the possibility of foam cushioning and other systems – such as NikeAirVaporMax and using NikeZoomVaporfly4% ZoomX of foam – so that each player can choose their own technology。   NikeReactHyperdunk2017 and will be held August 3, on a global scale sale。

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