Retreating figure

Part One: backs away in those occupations lopsided, the village barber is the best cause I miss the endless.  ”Barber” in the title is now very difficult to hear, had already been more elegant, more stylish “barber”, “hairdresser” or “hair care division” are replaced.But before it is quite air in the home, the barber and highly respected profession.Among these, the most representative is Ma uncle.  Let me talk about its air side.He summed up his profession 13 words: “Mr. Fire, meal after school, carrying a knife circle turn.”Not only high and mighty, but also quite a bit of arrogance.If whom now say, it most probably would say that the bandits village, categorically not something to do with the barber.In fact, “Mr. Fire” refers to the village, first haircut shelf support a good, hot water wash with raw fire.”After school meal” means a barber mostly hired in the village to come forward, to manage monthly crop, noon meal arranged by the village take turns to eat in the homes of villagers, of course, also free of charge.”Carrying a knife circle turn” like to understand, meaning the barber began to work again.That was in the early 1990s, Ma uncle was about his early fifties, a little black, overweight, stay flat, a moderate, big voice, body bone is very tough, the man responsible for sixty-seven Barber nearby village, ten dollars per person per year, a year less also earn seven or eight thousand, is really not a small sum in the countryside at the time of income.Barber money and do not have their own income from house to house, by the chief of the village after receipt of all before the end of the year to him.So older than his point told him jokingly: “I say horse head, you Zhelaoxiaozai fared pretty well ah, the village head had to run errands for you!”He is not too modest, smiling, said:” It is natural, we do is nag conscience live, earn money conscience, conscience eat rice, you see we Zeneng unhappy village?!”Of course, it depends what the joke is, if you call him ‘shaved horse’, he shouted to the.Because before the “barber” with a surname, is the deadliest curse of warlords and ruthless, which opened a big joke.Nightlife net but said Ma uncle conscience earn money This is one great truth, which is the reason for the villagers respect him.First, Ma uncle heart skilled work fine.Elders often say, barber living sloppy, otherwise it is to be sued.Shave, shave, shave, nose hair cut has a certain degree of risk, even bother to shave children, crying, tamper will cause accidental injury.So, despite Ma uncle loved to joke, is said to amount of alcohol is not small, but began to live has always been serious, just quietly issued a “rise”, “left side”, “Starboard” simple instruction, from small talk, in order to avoid distractions.And he still has an “iron law”, that is, in terms of someone’s noon meal, no matter what hit wherever he goes, he is a teetotaler.Encountered crying child, after his first child and parents to persuade good press stability, just start Barber.So, whether it is a child of the “lid head”, “shallow flat head” or an adult “board inch head”, “side separately,” he reason was a kind of mold, it is heart Lishu Tan, watching the spirit.Second, Ma uncle generous.He received only standard adult haircut money, just give a child a little on the line, met hardship it will free up money.And he was responsible for all of the village, regardless of Which have a funeral, if you need a haircut to the deceased, he is no charge, said to be “sent away first,” awe-inspiring.Third, Ma uncle on time and trustworthy.Every time he came, he told the barber date of the next month, rain or shine, to quasi-come, although it is responsible for hundreds of people haircut, but well-kept..It is said that there is a period not to miss, leaving his wife at home wheat sun, afternoon rainstorm hit, if not Zhonglin Ju help, a few bags of wheat on the washed out.Come back after his wife, pointing to his nose but did not dare criticize crashed, so the “horse head henpecked,” the joke made the rounds.  But in the memory, the arrival of the horse’s uncle, Mao Haizi always give those of us who bring boundless joy.The sun has just climbed on firewood haystack entrance to the village, Ma uncle resonant voice had echoed in the village: “barber myself, shaved myself, adults and children children come myself.Before “Soon, we went to the stall, one cried to shave.Ma uncle laughingly said: “The adults are not anxious, anxious little ones Gesha?!”I scratched his head and said:” I say that you are so crowded is not a thing, two black, Daniel, I’m going to go fetch water!You guys go get me firewood!Who give a good performance who shave.Hey, two Gouzi, give your old man say, noon head for dinner at your house ah.A few years on the stage: “finished shaving and sometimes patting our heads and asked”?”Said:” I must learn ah, read a good book to amount to anything!”Said this time, after graduating from the University of Ma uncle’s son just to work, her daughter was reading university.Later, they repeatedly let Ma uncle couple moved to live in, but Ma uncle persisted in his refusal, saying that not used not convenient, or better in the countryside.  With the rapid economic and social development, folks living standards gradually improved, the requirements of Barber’s naturally high, coupled with the surge in migrant workers, customers will amount Ma uncle’s rapid decline, then only responsible for one or two Barber elderly village.The last time I saw him was freshman winter vacation in nine years ago, when he had Nianyuhuajia, unfortunately his wife died, he also came to a disease, not only thin and stoop-shouldered body, no longer able to serve the villagers, sons and daughters a few days they took him into the city.  I helped the old man to shave the shelf onto the rickshaw, he stopped coughing, said: “Go for it, read a good book will always amount to anything!”The car creak away, that slouch skinny back, also in the winter twilight faded away.Then, abruptly, he thought that the “dry conscience live, earn money conscience, conscience eat rice”, I suddenly felt that thin backs away, actually instantly became clear, tall and up, so I want to have a look a feeling of.  In later life on the road, in the dead of night, I often think of that away in the back.Whenever I think of it, could not help but heart thrown ripples sea.Because it back, I know what they should abandon what adhere to, but also know how to make life more positive, fulfilling, meaningful.    Part II: Looking at the haze of the city, thinking of you backs away Waking of Insects.Cloudy weather, the entire city without the slightest breath of spring.I looked out the window withered old persimmon tree, no hair green branches.Dry holly bushes, glowing pale leaves, without any vitality.A few sparrows not far away, Cha cried, not seen the distant sky, talking excitedly familiar land.That meet the small black eyes, exceptionally bright, rocking her little head.Looking at the pots of strawberries open white flowers, wore furry yellow pollen, in this dark corner, I saw a glimmer of life.  I used to turn on the computer, listening to relaxing music, read a touch of slightly sad words.I looked at that Claret cup Big Red glossy color, quality TV drama unique fragrant, think back to the Wuyi Mountain scenery meandering.The southern spring comes early, at this time, it is canola flower blooming season, your muffled figure, jumping forward in the bamboo forest after the rain, your songs child floating in the quiet of the mountains.  I do not know, is the lingering rain, clouds or unintentional, that rainy spring in you, and I said the parting.I took your hand, you tried to control emotions, do not know whether to cry issued, or the sound of laughter.I looked at the crystal teardrop, including in your eyes.That crystal of the eye, no longer poetic, Resentment of the Organization of the eyebrow, became my permanent memory.  I said, I will soon be back to see you, we are not life and death leave.Look lavender flowers after the rain, that is your pure and beautiful eyes.I touch your hair, your hair smell fragrant, your shoulders tremble, cry with you, laugh, heaving.You say: “Come on, late, I will miss the train.”I said:” Or do you go first, or I do not trust.”You say:” Well, or the old rules, no one do not look back.”You look back at the moment, I do not know what it is, that silent tears, flowing my cheek, I can not audible, that the pain of parting, hurt in my heart.That drinking spirits, eating dried chili taste, who can understand?  I look at you leave the back, I want to shout out loud, my beloved girl, you’re the girl of my monthly water.  I look at you leave the back, I want to cry aloud, my beloved girl, you’re my rain weak Huaniang.  I look at you leave the back, I want to enjoy singing, my beloved girl, you are my tears crazy in love.  I looked at the misty rain misty hills, looking further away you back, that indescribable pain, silent tears flowing in the wind.You are the charming water lily, you are the spring breeze of Magnolia, that you are popular in mountains of red azalea.A delicate sentimental woman, a silly season of rustic girl!  I was staring at the dust, thinking Jiangnan misty rain in your face, you may miss the colorful bloom, spring brilliant time when maybe you, maybe you are the clear sky of autumn, perhaps you are a winter snow makeup.  I do not know what rhetorical phrases to write to make you beautiful.In the spring there is no wind, I can not see the southern Xu warm old days.In the days without you, I silently looked at the horizon, thinking of you away in the back, immersed in this city full of dust in the atmosphere.

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