Bad times, and eventually became a light to illuminate your front line

This world, all the suffering Jie sense, all you eat the loss, flow of tears, bear responsibility, and tolerance of pain, in the end will become light to illuminate your way, when you finally would be extremely Ling, only to find high mountains this way of life are an integral part of the landscape.- Inscription I’m a country boy, I never this shame, not proud of it.But in the beginning I hated life and low self-esteem that he is a girl.Many childhood memories like the crumple blizzard child, can not withstand the wind and sun.Who first heard Wu aunt next door clutching his mouth to say I was a foundling from the parents of miles away from South Bay reservoir side, I asked them crying and ran back to my biological parents are.Later, growing up, I began to clear rationale that year would come to see me once a skinny fat of a husband and wife is my mom and dad, but I was not abandoned, but in foster care with relatives, the only reason – I’m not boy, unable to bear great responsibility for them from the family line.I got used to it since childhood naughty little friends very merry chase behind me, “Wild Child”.Adoptive family was poor, planted a lot of ground, sensible, I started to do all kinds of farm work, often feel wayward bread I eat is a happy thing, but parents hurt me, then I thank facing loess backs every drop of sweat flow of days, it makes me a lot in life does not survive in the future to think of it feel that morale.Grow up, I’m from a little ugly duckling turned into a big ugly duckling, adoptive parents as if in an instant old, old time silent, we stumbled in time where long as we like or dislike the appearance of.    Fourteen years old, I went back to junior high school biological parents, adoptive parents back home on weekends, a small dirt road asphalt and forty miles an hour I ride my bike to.However, perhaps with students from low self-esteem so that I always have a sadness to depend on others, as well as eighteen years years gap, fragmented into a Road scar at the time, a little struggle, bloody.I tried to learn, hard to let yourself become good, but I desperately mathematics has become something can not overcome.With excellent but other subjects, my grades have been satisfied to let his parents.When the test is to not let them down, score a lot beyond our county the best high school.Back to school receive a notice when taught me that extra baggage language teacher smiled and said to me, “It’s heaven pays off ah.”For a moment, tears almost came out, nothing to do with the hypocritical, perhaps only I understand, every minute of come not a fluke, I am not clever, those things are hard to overcome, I can not be mad how to overcome the.    The age of seventeen, I was in high school in the county, once home to two weeks, the rest of the day, I’m usually the first foster parents returned home, back to school and then take the way to his parents living there, my stubborn personality, bones mighty proud, and their relationship is still bad, “I’m like an outsider, like, watching them enjoyable for the family,” I wrote in the diary.All the energy in high school have invested in my studies, I have a dream that one day will be like a queen, invulnerable, vulnerable to the attack, airs, so that those who laughed at my mediocre vanquish.Unfortunately, I am poor physical fitness, a child who grew up still holding Yao Guanzi minor illnesses serious illness continue.Division, I resolutely chose the arts, like me, totally rational cell necrosis of the day people are really afraid of sulfuric acid spilled into the physics teacher’s face.After all, mathematics became my Achilles’ heel, even though I have many times for it to burn the midnight oil even tears, the whole high school, my mind was filled with images function, they like Ma Mission tangled, cut, chaotic.I am a college entrance banner bit, the result is not the worst of mathematics, but made me proud English, feeling like being shoved favorite people smoke a slap in the face.And the ideal school pass, I do not want to again, pressure from all sides like an avalanche coming, then, for the place, changed schools, changed the name, in a very famous high school my repeat, That year the physical and mental tremendous pressure often let my breath, when near the entrance to rely on drugs to sleep.But the results have been very good, the focus of the class is to be born.    The second entrance examination scores down, I ran over one thousand kilometers of Jiaxing work companion like me to test the eye-popping.Bad luck is contagious, and we drink together Neilingding drunk, let an cry, then cry tears entirely to their own.A choice of right or wrong so quietly changing the direction of fate, I do not care about all matters after the test, remember to go back in a place they do not like a mediocre university, tears can not help flow down, then suddenly I realized that some tears no matter how many degrees to head Young will still flow out.Birth parents call me go back to college, it was the first time I cried in front of his mother, for me, I caved.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) Today, instant coming junior, the annual summer vacation will go to work in the field, noble point of view is to exercise their own, in fact, for the money that he is responsible for all costs of living.This is a promise to continue studying conditions, with their commitment.A person walking the streets in a foreign land suddenly found nothing but money can give themselves a sense of security.    You think everything is honed to this end yet?When sales do not understand the communication with the customer is vocal scolded, humiliated when a waiter on the deep pockets of the guests verbal shell, encountered no credibility dishonored the name of the owner of a lawsuit wage aggressive, talked about love, her boyfriend of 15 years in the summer because the accident died, quarreled not enough time to tell the sorry, I have not seen one last time, when there is sweltering urn holding, suddenly understood the meaning of life and regret.    All lost will come back in another way, after all these years of bitter and sad now also glad nothing had happened laughing.Somewhere along the way at fault, but the joy did not miss, they are full every cell of my life, all the way to grow, and eventually became a bad time to illuminate the “light” ahead of you!

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