school bag

Saw her daughter the heavy bag, the bag was in the third grade on how heavy, that to grades five or six to a junior high school that heavy bag was terrible!If it went to college, it is also not a mountain na!  Today’s children really tired, every day regard the mind flutter in learning is not enough, where there is time to do other things too?It is bound to give up a lot of hobbies and interests.  Now the children tired to say, not all.Today’s kids really happy, and what do not have control, put his study well, and adults on the Buddha.    This reminds me of myself in school, from elementary school to high school, school bag easily, no books, in addition to school every day, but also to work after school, corn plots, the yard to grow vegetables, raise pigs grass playing rabbit, winter also went up the mountain firewood, production team the summer to earn work points, it is home to half of the labor force for the mother to share some of life’s difficulties and pressure.    But even in this life situation where their learning did not fall, has no parents fucked heart; his father work in the city, came back once a week, come back to busy places in the living; his mother was a semi-literate, the characters know not a few, as well as the ability to control your time and learn?Not consciously do on their own?    In addition to learning, he still has a lot of hobby, hobbies like reading novels, like music, is also in love with literature, parents do not have these cells, he never urged me what to like, what do grow up, everything all with our own to grow, grow to what is what, which, like now parents, and all of the hopeful, hope female rampant ah!    Where now a lot of young people who a few years ago are carrying heavy bags, left the school, to the community, but many people still our extensive knowledge of these middle-aged people do not know all learned to throw the.Back then the heavy bags did not have much knowledge learned, this is a loss ah!    I have not had such heavy bags back, I do not have that today’s children are lucky, but in fact they are much more fortunate than me, I did not die to study, I have been free to grow up happily in the difficult days.I think it’s more important for my life and creation, more meaningful.    July 11, 2010 [Editor: leaf]

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