Sexual intercourse time is shorter how do teach you how to lasting love

For men, short of sexual intercourse is the most difficult to accept, many men want to be able to have a strong sexuality, then the male sexual intercourse is shorter in the end how to do it next on the specific go understand, are you。 In general, men's sexuality at 18?25-year-old is the strongest, at this stage the man's demands frequent, good erection.For just married men and women, because of the novelty of the thing was, frequent sexual intercourse and most of the time is shorter.male?Stem response to experience the excitement phase, plateau, orgasm and resolution phase, some men might intentionally control in response plateau, thus prolonging sexual intercourse, if you want to quickly ejaculation can do it, indicating that these men Some strong self-control.Some men also can not be arbitrary control, they tend to stay long in the plateau, ejaculation can not do this thinking as soon as possible, that which belongs to the delayed ejaculation.These male sexual stimulation often require unusual to reach orgasm, ejaculation.For example, some men pulled out after the woman often meet?Road, in front of the woman masturbation to reach orgasm.Sex is two people, the man can be extended sexual intercourse, make women more prone to experience pleasure or orgasm, this is a thoughtful; but if time is too long, it is easy to make the woman feel fatigue, almost a bit tortured.To shorten the time your husband's ejaculation, mainly by his own efforts, to see if he has some knot, such as display their abilities and strong intention to suppress or care too much about each other's self-satisfaction and lost sexual enjoyment, focus all focus on each other's feeling fine.Sexual intercourse time is shorter how do teach you how to make love lasting addition, some organic causes, such as?Stem nerve injury, drug factors (such as antidepressants, antihypertensive drugs, etc.) also cause delayed ejaculation, need be taken to exclude.Learn some methods of treatment, the woman can show some initiative, such as the use of female superior, the man let the body relax, focus on enjoyment; can also take the initiative and play the man, by hand, mouth irritation, when he led him into the approaching climax woman's body.Whether drawing skills, or lift his knot, you need good communication and husband。

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