Balderdash article

Part One: balderdash he quietly lay in my arms a spell of dizziness, child-like sleeping capacity, because I could not bear to touch, and woke up this part of my angel.  Only after he fell asleep before I can do anything at him., Over his strong and happy look, I vaguely through a view that he never exposed the helplessness and confusion.Slowly, with tingling feeling, suddenly discovered that I have been a matter of course to enjoy his giving, but unable to share the slightest pressure and so upset for him, good selfish, mean good.Angels & Demons gap of only a fine line between.  He looked silly sleep, like a possessed kissed his lips, he seemed to have sense like frowned, but I like a guilty thief panic escape.Head buried ashamed of, any hair a mess Ling covered my sad face.I think, even if he was awake, I am also not aware of the embarrassment it!  Many nights, that’s accompanied through, so I have started to feel nostalgic night.The temperature of the palm of smiling faces, soft hair a trace.Virtually everything, firmly locked me in a central network, unable to escape, unable to struggle, but do not want to move!  From the fear in my heart without him, it seems to have become accustomed to rely.I eventually like a child grow up with innocent eyes and looked out of turbid life, how you can understand it?  Him in my arms moved slightly lower, gently knead a microstructure of his brow, I muttered, but I hope he can hear – just.Just want you to remember this night; just.You just want peace and happiness!  Sleep.Sleep.There are moments at first light!And the morning breeze and my best wishes of dews.Part Two: Mr Wong balderdash to get to know people know, Mr Wong has one of the biggest hobby – balderdash, and regardless of the environment place, day or night, regardless of young and old men and a woman, sleep eyes closed, into the mouth raving.  Mr Wong subtle balderdash addiction, thanks to an occasional fudge inspiration and encouragement.A middle of the night, get up to urinate wife had just got into bed, Mr Wong turned pro a long time without clinging to a hot wife hard pro a few bites, focus to be emotional, “I love you.!”Said the three-day, moved to his wife in bed a full daze for several minutes, ear heat heartbeat to sit and no sleep until dawn.Although Mr Wong knew his wife talking in your sleep, but my wife understand that Mr Wong has his own mind, then vanished for him this suspicion “someone outside,” the.The next morning my wife asked angry fudge the issue, after Mr Wong yielded to sweet talk a few words, scare cold sweat, fortunately did not say Yoshina Xiaomi.  Mr Wong’s balderdash everywhere and at all times there, as long as necessary, as long as the beneficial.Regardless of the Liquor Authority, the poker table, massage tables, or feet, singing, dancing, the elegant and generous accurate and timely can fall asleep balderdash, Yaowuheliu let you push a mulberry rub a rub, it is also wake up to.Balderdash content depending on the environment and object to changing renovation.Friends at the venue when acquaintances, “You have me as a friend?!”Subordinates at the edge of time,” your heart is there my leadership?”When something happens relatives door,” spending too much, what costs money ah!”When something Xiangqiu outsiders,” This thing a person I Zuobulezhu, research studies have!”Mr Wong balderdash accurately convey some of the information, angry, happy, requirements, standards, agree, reject, can clearly plainly, as long as a deep understanding exactly how to squeeze him this balderdash, would not do is impossible.Mr Wong sauna net unit where you want to build a modern office building, ready to open tender.News release, those who come to visit.Mr Wong strict integrity to the body responsible for customs, foreign declined all come, refuse all gifts gifts.I heard that there are so few really are Mr Wong mercilessly swept out unbelievers.Ma two infrastructure companies Baotou bland not rash, to find a suitable time to a beautiful reason, as a friend casually invited Mr Wong went to the city feet.Mr Wong had a habit of drinking and will foot bath, foot bath quasi snoring, sleep talking it up a snoring.Ma even heard two sweet snore Mr Wong, anxiously put a small two sister sent away, calmly listening to Mr Wong’s balderdash.Sure enough, five minutes, Mr Wong on the balderdash: “100 000, a sub-Less!”Ma two altogether deftly drawn from a body of a jammed a bank into a pocket close Mr Wong, Mr Wong then help tuck tight clothes.Mr Wong finished in your sleep more deep sleep, as if nothing had happened, Ma two warm smile to his face sat and crossed his legs to spit smoke ring from.  Mr Wong, Mr Lee is the elegant and benefactor, that Mr Wong has never been ambiguous, because Mr Wong is the Director of Li single-handedly nurtured – picked up, and the successful completion of the Secretary Mr Lee soaring after the ceremony shift Director.Mr Lee was when Mr Lee, Mr Wong was Director of the Office when the Director Wang often revealed his intention balderdash, the confessed voice, swear allegiance.Mr Lee told a business trip in the same room together when the best time to get up often at night Director Wang going to the toilet a few words in Mr Lee balderdash, “Mr Lee is a rare piece of good leadership!”” I’m coming with you forever!”” I will never forget your kindness!”Mr Lee looked balderdash in sleeping Director Wang can not help but be moved, and more good people ah.And the other leaders with a friend or colleague Mr Lee when play cards together (or to sit and watch when Mr Lee playing cards), bad luck if you see Mr Lee will not ring true feelings, Mr Wong will naturally playing cards to sleep, “his mother who win another Mr Lee the money I’ll get him!”He spoke gibberish, while drooling.Often wake up suddenly, patting forehead and asked others, I do not talk nonsense now and then is a burst of strange mysterious sneer.  Mr Wong realized balderdash meteoric rise in the aspirations of grabbing power and money, Mr Wong and experience the power of the supreme sanctity of balderdash, a Mr Wong harvested in reality balderdash can not seek rich fruits and great achievements.

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