Bamboo encounter

REVIEW: passing breeze, full of strands of fragrance, I followed the scent track down past the middle trimmed with green leaves add a bunch of white flowers, some shy banner bud, some slightly Zhangkaixiaozui , which will be open to diffuse the aroma.  Wind sailed wipe off my face, inadvertently took a few pieces of bamboo, gently leisurely down like flying a spirit.The river gurgling water singing cheerful songs from running past me, the sky clouds at sunset colored ooze of soft red, sky is red, as if there is a fire burning in the sky, roaring, flying, the conversion, stretched.    Bamboo pole with a bump on hand and stroked bamboo marks, let it slip from rough feeling between your fingers, feeling the uneven surface, traces of the years, looking at the slightest bamboo veins surface is so clear, two bamboo the junction has a slight protrusion formed sharp endless belt, nascent growth of bamboo, tender green as if drops of water generally fresh green leaves of the volume name ellipse branches drilled from both ends, to the surrounding extend to.    Slight breeze will blow sky bamboo, and should the breeze, swaying, stretch, dancing, staggered forward, blocking the soft red sunset, but the sunset Things like staggered from bamboo leaves flowing down, pouring in stone on the road, smooth pebbles to the loved ones of soft red reflection without reservation to come back, it is so bright, shiny, bright stars like rice-shaped invaded your eyes.    Sunset, when the sun will put away the last vestiges of twilight, the woods are really quiet, only to hear the buzzing of insects, the wind howling, gurgling sound of water, the moon slowly climbed the sky, the day’s hustle and bustle has quietly disappeared, and my hands behind their back, paced, walking in this secluded bamboo forest.Night bamboo is not the verdant color, and naturally thick ink spread on bamboo leaves, dark green color, how deep color, dark green mixed with air in the atmosphere, some dry, some cool.    Some bamboo can not withstand a full head of hair, in the invasion of wind and rain, quietly bent over in the street, the full head of hair, gently lowered, leaned through the leaves over the face, stay in the face slight pain, the atmosphere also left a dark green together, out of hand, and gently asked few slices of bamboo leaves, watching them quietly lying on the palm of your hand, the orderly arrangement of the veins that clear.Tip to slightly yellow, the dough piercing palm, felt a slight tingling, green foliage, reflecting the quiet moonlight, to recover palm, gentle breath on the dark green of palms, a long time can not be dispersed.    A breeze, full of strands of fragrance, I followed the scent track down past the middle trimmed with green leaves add a bunch of white flowers, some shy banner bud, some slightly Zhangkaixiaozui, which will be aroma spread out, as one pure girl, suddenly trembling with pages and spend a trace of Si Shandian general glide, set off waves of flowers, the flowers want to make a mistake after the girl as shy lowered his head , just reflect on the fault.    Unknowingly have come to the end of the road, turned around to enjoy the turquoise ripples, this dark green bamboo forest, crest of waves, wave after wave flock to the seaside end, I wonder if there like me who enjoy bamboo at the end of the trail, closely watching this piece of bamboo stands it?I was deep in thought – mused, so the front of a crowd of people; quietly melt into it, but no trace of strange people, continue clamoring.[Editor: Tree man]

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