Leo Luck in 2020

Leo’s luck will be quite turbulent in 2020, which will be greatly influenced by Mercury retrograde. Some bad things may happen in the second half of the year. However, Leo’s positive and enthusiastic personality can help them through the turbulent year 2020..   Leo’s luck in the year 2020 is in career. Leo in the year 2020 will encounter some bottlenecks and many unpleasant things will happen. however, don’t worry, Leo is strong and independent. as long as he does not flinch from difficulties, meets them and trains himself in tribulations, he may have a better result.. Only in the second half of the year mercury will have a greater impact on your career, Leo will have a headache, and even can’t see the way to the daughter. at this time, it may be better to slow down your work pace, lower your goals, and lower your body to ask for advice from friends and relatives at the same time..   In interpersonal communication, lions can still play a strong communication ability. However, due to different opinions, various contradictions may arise. If these contradictions are not handled properly, they may hinder the subsequent development of life.. Therefore, if you encounter Man machine relationship’s friction, you should bravely solve it and believe in yourself. A confident lion will never be knocked down by such difficulties..   From July 8 to July 31, 2020, mercury will retrograde. this period is Leo’s retrograde period. it is best not to make big moves during this period, and to be careful in dealing with others, so as to prevent little people from secretly making trouble for themselves.. The water inversion period will end in August, but everything will return to normal, so don’t worry too much..   In terms of money, Leo will be relatively stable in 2020. It will not soar or plummet. The bad fortune in the second half of the year is mainly due to spending. In fact, it can ease the economic pressure well as long as you restrain your purchase of Desire a little.. The growth period of money is August when Venus and Leo are in Leo, and the standard palace is prosperous. naturally, the fortune will be very smooth..   In terms of personal emotion, the Lions Club will show an upward trend in 2020. However, the overall happiness and sorrow are mixed. On the way to pursue love and happiness, the Lions Club will continuously improve its personal ideological level, want to understand a lot of things, know how to cherish and know how to be grateful.. The premise is not to be too curtilage. Married friends will be very emotional during this period of time. They will show more consideration and attention to the other half. They will even make some small romance and Little Surprises from time to time, and their marriage will be happier..   There will be no major problems in the health situation in 2020, but more attention should be paid to some details.. In the second half of the year, Leo needs to pay attention to mental problems due to the adverse effects of water. In addition, Leo needs to guard against accidents.. If you have qualified friends, you can also arrange 3 to 5 good friends to do some mineral spring or massage regularly, which is also of great benefit to your body.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

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