2251 km, the youth grow up on the road

Sixteen years old, always full of dreams and adventure.Summer blossoming, too, but, before understanding Tong Xiaofei, sleeping up to her adventure with impunity in the language class, or do fugue Macross transition in physics class.Until Xiaofei Cheng Tong for her at the same table, it is updated version of her adventures.In order to avoid homework, avoid scolding adults, Tong Xiaofei said, or let’s go.No exercise, no text, Tong Xiaofei and summer blossoming, get on a train bound for Suzhou.Summer blossoming like Suzhou, two hours away, just went up wet rain.Standing before the shabby little hotel, muddy floor, pretending to be aging and bargain Tong Xiaofei.See them are children, little old lady landlord gave them 30 yuan offer two single room.The so-called single, is the separation between with wooden lattice, in addition to a narrow bed, almost no room to turn around.Wood walls came Benedict, Benedict’s voice, Tong Xiaofei said: You all right over there?I have here a good little ah.No masking sound to ring in the ears, to let the anti-summer blossoming some peace of mind.Tong Xiaofei has endless talk joke, after crossing the 1463 km, is still emerging, fill in the blank into a long period of time.Summer blossoming for the first time that the original can be such a long time!Exercise is not endless, endless back the word, and no nagging parents and teachers stereotyped face.After that, they went to Beijing, traveled sizes Attractions.They arrived in Dalian positive in March, early in the morning or cold, gloomy day a little thin white glowing edge.Suddenly, the sky turned up faint thunder, rain fell down instantly.Tong Xiaofei took the summer blossoming red canopy to hide in a store, the rain has been falling steadily, it has opened a store brand business.How poured into this was still standing outside, come right!The speaker was a middle-aged aunt.The store is very warm, is home to a small tailor shop on a hot fire, ironed scented pot.His son just woke up, bleary and looked curiously at the summer blossoming and Tong Xiaofei.Aunt pulls out a few clothes, so that they put on, and then brought them on two bowls of steaming noodles.Adults do your home?Own ran out to play ah?They looked not hesitated to speak, aunt not ask.As she laundered clothes, wash up year urged his son, poetry back yesterday with no summer blossoming kept his head down eating face, original world of nagging parents are the same, this is not a love it?After farewell with middle-aged aunt, who came to the square.Some face the sun light, summer blossoming first time that pigeons walk under the fountain large flowers, even so moving.Tong Xiaofei jumping up and down on the side of the pier, a thin silhouette sink in the sun, ruffled shirt as if to say they go out a long time.Summer blossoming raised his head and gently said: Let’s go home!This spans 2251 kilometers elope, in fact, just the field of youth rebellion.Perhaps there really is a lot of untold grievances, but really there are too many or not avoidance of stress, but the age of sixteen wings, always go through the pain and sorrow and grief grown up will be strong enough.To recommend the latest information sauna

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