25-year-old founder of the way cattle travel in DURIGHT

80, president of a listed company, talkative, who is in DURIGHT most obvious label, but that does not prevent him from becoming the idol of many young people.25 years old, founded way cattle travel; 30-year-old company with annual sales of 1.2 billion yuan; 33 years old this year, the company was listed on the Nasdaq, he said: Life is never a shortcut to pursue their dreams need to have a son who dares daring the great strength of spirit and never give up.25-year-old founder of the way cattle travel to DURIGHT entrepreneurial experience, and present a lot of business after 80, 90 are very similar: to find like-minded partners in the university campus, after graduation to start several rounds of venture exploration, and finally identify a direction, He plunged into.In 2001, the Republic of style rather Southeast University campus, the Department of Mathematics at DURIGHT Yan Haifeng and Department of Finance, are involved in the Southeast University campus portal – Harbinger network among operators.In cooperation harbinger network, like the Internet has become both young, in college the most memorable experiences of community activities.Today, Yan Haifeng, director of operations already way cattle network.In school we love toss, also record industry doing software, Products, failed.But that experience is very valuable, learned a lot.To say DURIGHT.After graduation, in DURIGHT he has co-founded five Internet start-up companies, but each company spent less than a year.Because loves to do site, in this area want to do something incredible; like to travel and because, in DURIGHT in this market saw more business opportunities, individual entrepreneurs aimed at the tourism website.In 2006, in preparation for DURIGHT and a few friends together of 100 million, rented a 70 square meters office, founded the way cattle network.Figure cattle is the name for the time DURIGHT blog, and later changed its name to the way cattle, used the company’s name.In October 2006, the way cattle travel network was officially launched this year at the age of 25 DURIGHT.Build websites in DURIGHT and partners spent a lot of time six months.The original more than 40,000 attractions are then added to it one by one by hand, then dry that day and night, tirelessly.To say DURIGHT.Website to complete, is to do community sites to increase traffic to sell advertising, or directly make money by selling tourism products?In DURIGHT he chose the latter, directly selling products.I believe that the development of space tourism products to sell, and the content is easy to enlarge.He says.So when profit model is simple, to provide travel agency tours booking service, travel agency signed a contract with the ALICE, from which the company set aside a certain service fees.Facts have proved that the direction is right.By $ 2 million in venture capital to survive 2008, in DURIGHT start-up capital of 100 million spent over.And then an urgent need to upgrade the software website, more than 30 employees to wages, external marketing site requires a lot of money Worse, when the international financial crisis.Environment is not good, investors are not easily Wujin pocket money.DURIGHT to remember he was met with a total of 50 investors, he made full preparations, but most people are not optimistic about this no-name small sites.Face defeat again and again, he could not depressed, she rushed to get below one investor.A game is, then the next appointment, but never thought of giving up.He said that because of funding constraints, can only live in a small hotel in the field, in the basement.At that time a lot of pressure, if financing is not successful, then the company is certainly hung up.Very fortunately, the company received 200 million dollars in venture capital.Remember the beginning, some of his emotion: to be courageous to chase a dream, do not give up, because sometimes it is only one step away success, the support we finish this step is the firm belief.Get the money, the first thing to do is DURIGHT wages, and then they began to call center upgrade.Before, the way cattle network has been playing the role of intermediary, took orders to travel agencies.In 2009, in DURIGHT set up their own agencies, and consumers to contract directly.In addition, some travel agencies and acquisitions, and continue to develop Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other different cities of departure, destination itineraries.However, when the mainland online travel market fundamentals are Ctrip, where to network, eLong three network operators to control, what recipe to break through it by DURIGHT?When thinking way cattle business model, have been hesitant to DURIGHT.He said that is the way cattle start in mid-2006, the company’s main tourist community, if you insist on doing it now is basically poor tour, ant’s nest, but these are mostly due to the travel community sites around the topic, destination fuss, faced with a lot of traffic can not liquidity problem.Innovative products that charge, business model innovation is realized, the two are inseparable.By good user experience, users can greatly reduce costs, to accumulate a very large user base.After several years of hard work, in DURIGHT realize the way cattle to beef up liquidity in the same industry through.Ctrip in the way cattle business is complementary differences, the way cattle 70% focus on outbound travel products, mainly domestic travel and Ctrip.In addition, the way cattle are mainly leisure travel customers, Ctrip is more business customers.DURIGHT analysis in the case of the difference between its business model and Ctrip, the way cattle like electricity providers, do the online travel industry ‘Jingdong’ or ‘the only product’.In 2010, the rapid growth in the volume of business the way cattle, sales of 400 million yuan.2011, Sequoia Capital, etc.?Round co-invest 50 million US dollars.In 2012, the site registered users reached 120 million, with sales of 1.2 billion yuan.September 2013, the way cattle d complete financing round of $ 60 million.US-listed net worth billions of US dollars in April this year, the way cattle travel plans listed on Nasdaq, the proposed financing of 1.$ 200 million, the main online leisure travel.May 9, following the Ctrip, eLong, where to network, the way cattle travel NASDAQ become the fourth Chinese online travel company, becoming the first US stock market a company focused on online leisure travel companies in China , tourism slogan is to find the way cattle.Market enthusiasm for the way cattle are beyond many people expected: only two weeks, the highest price the way cattle rose exceeded 100%; to August 8, the highest price touched $ 25, has risen more than the issue price of $ 9.00 listed up 178%.Way cattle market capitalization of $ 10 billion, while holding 10.DURIGHT 9% in its net worth in excess of $ 100 million, becoming the billionaire.For DURIGHT, the way cattle travel to seize the Chinese people going abroad with the group tour business opportunities, hot way cattle are once again confirms the capital market to Chinese online travel market high expectations.He said that the main way cattle travel with the group with the Asian culture-related tourism.We swam in this market with the group in China is ranked first in the.Europeans and Americans basically go traveling, not much of a problem in the language, because many destinations are English-speaking countries.But in Asia, South Korea, Japan and China, led by, most people only speak their native language, mastery of English is not too high, so the demand ‘with the group’ is relatively large.Asians for the first time to a place, most of them tend to choose with the group.Now, because the levels of consumption of Chinese cities, cultural differences, different levels of English, so Walks increase in the proportion of first-tier cities more quickly, in second and third tier cities, travel with the group is still the most mainstream type of product.In DURIGHT said that with the increasing acceptance of the Internet, more and more customers will buy high customer price of products on the Internet.Currently, the way cattle network orders a tour with the group average is 1.$ 30,000, an average of one order is Tours 1.50,000 yuan.There are no shortcuts in life never pursue their dreams need to have a son who dares daring tremendous effort and never give up spirit.In DURIGHT he said, ‘cattle’ is still running all the way.Initially business or as early as possible, to do site DURIGHT goal is clear, is to make travel easier, allowing customers the easiest and most convenient to find the right product.In order to understand customer satisfaction, in DURIGHT require staff to each order a return visit; lower satisfaction with a product, will be off the assembly line.In addition, the company continued to add new products, such as cattle buffet product, the next few years, in hopes Walks market DURIGHT.Today, more and more young people want to start.It seems that DURIGHT, entrepreneurial path has always been unlimited wonderful, but thorny.Recall their own entrepreneurial experience, in DURIGHT feeling a lot: Young entrepreneur is not easy, high failure rate.However, business or as early as possible, to choose their own familiar territory, have firm confidence, mentally prepared to bear the pain and suffering, had to withstand great stress and pain.

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