28 guy overdraft credit card business three years Kuangzhuan 6000000

Self-made business less than three days the young man earned ten thousand dollars, this is not a dream, really there, the hero is all around us, he called Zhang Feng, a Southern town garden village, 28 years old.February 10th, first day of work after the Spring Festival, Zhang Feng and his girlfriend Fan Lixia began his work, because the enterprise scale, Zhang Fenggang just in Baiyun Street of coral in the district rented a four and a half of the five-story building, in addition to Yiwu outside the company, a division of Dongyang increase.In 2010, Zhang Feng, the company’s sales reached more than 30 million yuan, has more than 600 million personal assets.Failure to do foreign trade companies make a million years dream home has been set up factories, Zhang Feng, after graduating from junior high school, academic performance is not very good because there is no education, but help in the work at home.Did two years, Zhang Feng think this is too hard, and be sure to go to school.In 2002, intend to do foreign trade business after Zhang Feng to Angelina foreign language school, after graduation test to the economy of Zhejiang Vocational and Technical College on the university.In 2006, Zhang Feng, after graduating from college opened a foreign trade company, but because there is no experience, one year, from his parents to bring the whole hundred thousand yuan capital loss.No money, only to go home.Parents let me go to work, do not stay at home.I think the world is so big, it seems to find their own world.Recall the original dilemma, Zhang Feng says so.At that time, a cousin of Zhang Feng, after graduating from high school to Yiwu entrepreneur, spent five years to buy a car.Zhang Feng see in the eyes, heart secretly vowed, should make their own hard work, however, was the dream of a year earn 10,000 yuan of money just fine.Stayed at home for half a year, Zhang Feng also to revitalize the road swing overnight market share, after all, that this is not a permanent solution, look for opportunities to Yiwu in turn, has gone to insurance companies, real estate agent worked, working for some time, Zhang Feng feel still prefer to do foreign trade business, he went to a foreign trade company to work.Affected by the financial crisis moved to the shop Gold Rush of 2008, due to the impact of the financial crisis, Zhang Feng worked for that foreign trade companies had a tough time.At this time, a college classmate Zhang Feng Taobao business is doing well, earn ten thousand yuan a month.In June 2008, Zhang Feng simply quit, see if I could make money doing business on Taobao.Zhang Feng set himself a goal, as long as the monthly income of $ 3,000 can feed themselves, one year earn $ 50,000 to buy a Chery QQ open home for the holiday, it is intended to meet the heart.Not the hands of capital, Zhang Feng borrowed ten thousand dollars to a high school classmate, was originally only one day earn fifty or sixty dollars.Want to do bigger, Zhang Feng, the three friends find a partner, out of five thousand yuan per person, but feel that a single partner can only make a few dollars Taobao business is too hard, do not see prospects, sheer waste time, then worked for two months to disband.Zhang Feng alone Taobao has been wondering, wondering how to make your own money faster.Heaven must be a way of overdraft credit card started one day, he happened to see a gift someone brought back from abroad, named the Sun Jar is a glass bottle using solar light, emitted by the light very dim, very cute, Zhang Feng think something must really like this young man, very suitable for gift-giving.At that time this sample, there are no.Thought to action the next day, Zhang Feng decided to produce their own light this tank.You can not get a cent how to do it?The family has been unable to get another money, classmates and friends that too embarrassed to go by, helpless ants on a hot pan Just like Zhang Feng, a salesman came to the door to let Zhang Feng enlightened.So this day is just a salesman to sell the credit card bank to conduct business, Zhang Feng, a thought if we could first overdraft of money on the credit card, the funds do not have a thing!Web search by Zhang Feng, a consulting banks have called in the past, and some banks can do three thousand credits, some five thousand credits.Just when Zhang Feng is little to worry about credit card overdraft limit, CITIC Bank gave Zhang Feng reply, you can do a maximum overdraft limit is $ 40,000 credit card.At that time I felt so good credit card.Recalled the difficulty was the lack of funds, Zhang Feng told reporters.Let the sun can lead novel sensation million yuan earned in future from the hands of the credit card with overdraft 40,000 yuan of money, Zhang Fengli That act, for fear of wasting a single minute.Here the product is to use the sun’s core technology of light emitting board, to become light, the brightness can sense.Zhang Feng found a junior high school students proficient in electronics, in his help, successfully developed a PCB.Zhang Feng immediately find businesses open mold, processing integrated circuit board.Technical difficulties too, did not expect this product almost hit the seemingly ordinary bottle.Zhang Feng spent more than 20,000 yuan was opened five sets of mold, only the next whole thousand dollars for the purchase of a bottle.Because it is in the network purchase, did not expect sent me the bottle is defective, does not meet the requirements can not use.Zhang Feng put all the goods sent back the same day, the next day by train rushed bottle manufacturer, want their money back.I did not expect, even so personally rush past, as long as the back half of the money.Heaven must be a way, Zhang Feng to the northern Jiangsu know, there are many manufacturers producing glass bottles.So, Zhang Feng, a home need to find a bottle.Everything is ready, and Zhang Feng put the raw materials to get the rental suite, the circuit board and girlfriend welding, assembly sunshine tank.Did not hire workers, all her own, very tired very hard.We were staying on the fourth floor, a box of sunshine tank 26 kg in weight, all to carry their own up.Recalled the early days of the day, Zhang Feng can only use words to describe the pain.Things do come out, in order to promote their products, he and his girlfriend traveled all the shops in Yiwu.Get up early every day package delivery, then orders, to 15:00 and then start packing shipments, but also orders the evening into the night 2:00.From the beginning of October 2008, more than a month of efforts finally paid off, the sun can launch a very popular, in short supply.At that time getting goods to customers, all with cash only to goods, some playing a deposit in advance.Zhang Feng and his girlfriend Fan Danxia daily from 7:00 am to 2:00 at night can only process one thousand, three months from the beginning of October, the two men almost always get up welding daily breakfast also attend do not eat, and sometimes forgot to eat lunch, seeking only busy, do not know what time the dark.They stay at home, meals are takeout.Fan Danxia said, the two of them do not even know the outside temperature changes, others in outdoor wear three dresses, and two of them have been wearing a dress in the room.December because of Christmas, the Sun Jar demand surge.Due to the little volume, many customers have come to other goods, some directly called his people to Zhang Feng, the company rented a room together to help assemble.Because of his busy, when Zhang Feng, who also uses assembled, put the goods to whom the way.On that month, Zhang Feng earn ten thousand dollars a day.At that time, Zhang Feng sun tank caused a sensation in Yiwu market, China is only Beijing-based enterprises in production, due to the good quality of products Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng customers have come to getting goods.To recommend the latest information sauna

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