Resolution performance, the game screen is not be very high.

  Every detail but still better team game, as the game screen exquisite design.Including the image of the two main characters.A minority owner of the image size, as well as restaurants, underground gambling – games, and other gang lair background pattern, so that all have distinct characteristics, players will be able to impress played.
  The real essence of the game is still fighting design, from the most basic punches, kicks and jumps, to the cyclone leg, chain legs, leg sweep Church, overarm throw, flying knee and other techniques.”Kung Fu” no later “Street Fighter” and “King of Fighters” as brilliant skills.But biased in favor of the realistic style of hard fighting.
  Chief of “Kung Fu” planning group Liang Ning Choy Lee martial arts have their own foundation, the game combines the Chinese Secret Rivals, and Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Muay Thai, etc., to design a wonderful picture of fighting.And throughout the game also appeared knives, nunchaku, knives and other weapons dozen props, the game play richer.
  ”Kung Fu” of the arcade has just been listed as two weeks ago.Immediately triggered a sensation, this is a fast paced from start to finish, so that men adrenaline surge of the game.Fighting the “Kung Fu” more casual than before the “Mario Brothers” is undoubtedly more suitable for field arcade.Beginning of the year, “Mario Brothers” craze just faded away, “Kung Fu” and almost seamless, much of the 1981 arcade market once again become the “Oriental Game of the Year”.
  Xujian Kui game company based in the arcade market in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, by the low-priced products to win.East tour

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