Pheasant so much drama?]

  [This may ah, after all, a company can only do here is recommended, if the crew chose someone else, there is no way]
  [Oh my God, this level if the win today, even if the crew do not, is red, okay?]
  [Right ah, do not subject the crew burst more]
  [Crew will not be so blind person elected fair?]
  [This is a dwarf inside overstating it?]
  [Look good in front of you much longer, according to a burst Chou Chou]
  Because the truth of the land seventy-one comments, hostility and heavy up.
  Zhou vague look just curl one’s lip, “Fortunately, you set a limit of sixty, or non hell broke loose when the time is not available.However, they only beat the machine you ah?By the time watching the show the audience how ah?”
  ”You asked to be a key.”Lu seventy-one on the front of the lens to explain,” Because I said before, this is my live, I do not shoot me for machines related to a person.And so after the start of the game, the screen left and right screen, there to see it enlarged over there on the line.If you have two sixty account, you can board the two accounts simultaneously watch live, around the same time are magnified ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh, I do not let there be number two, but a sublet of shoes which I regret ah?Nice it ~ ~ ~ ~ ”
  [To be mad]
  [It seems fairies account for sublet it really hate it wants]
  [Ha ha ha ha, really do not want to offend small fairy ah]
  Really small [eye]
  [You big eye,

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