Have a sense of distance?Is there any kind of a nickname.”

  ”Of course not.”Lin-sheng mind out ‘Ji brother’ words, but think about some shame it did not have the nerve to say, waved,” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that’s the two of us little secret, we can not say.”
  ”Oh ~ ~ ~” wheat issued do not have meaning laughter.
  ”Ji always called it, in fact, I just began to recognize him, for a long time are called Ji always, in fact, I think this is not just a title, but rather a kind of” He put a small voice, “taste.”
  Wheat: “I know what I know, some people just like to call my dad a reason, right?”
  Lin-sheng stay for a moment, “uh, we do such a big scale program?”
  In fact, it is not all because of taste, this call, the full contains a throbbing and he began to look forward to Yao Ji produced, very special.
  Wheat, raising his hand motioned him to continue to look, and then he turned to second cardboard, and read aloud, “before the shooting started, let’s do a little game.”
  Forest Health smiled into the camera, “There are games to play this game.”
  ”Please prepare a surprise for your husband, not ways and means, and asked for a kiss husband, requiring prompt action is not the language, you need to husband

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