Touches the water.”

  Her serious tone, action without restraint ambiguous.Cheng dual calm down, Yi Yan did.
  Warm water flow down along the back, her warm vapor layers of wrap, as exposure to the mist-shrouded wonderland general, can process double was comfortable yet a while, it felt a hand on her back walk.
  She was a little shocked.
  But clearly she is not able to control the situation in the.Walk hand down smooth neck all the way down the line, then down.
  Cheng double heart what seems to be caught for a moment, can not help but curl up.
  The final Chengshuang Ming white stars kind of person she is.
  A few weeks down, Mu Cheng double child star was feeling for her to help her bathe this thing is not so resisted.Attitude could even say it is 180-degree reversal.
  Do not wash the beginning of life and death of people, today is just able to take the initiative to invite her into the bathroom together.
  Mu faded child star to help her practice clothes.
  Carcass white, flawless.Only bandage wrapped around his right hand on the still very unsightly, Mu child star can not help but ask: “Today it went to the hospital, the doctor said how?”
  ”The doctor says that he has a moment.”A two-Cheng carelessly, pay attention to the corner of the Muslim child star of action.
  Warm water, hand pick Mu sub scouts

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