.”Chen diving with a smile.

  Chakun to extend the owl from Shoushi good: “You can look down on me, I can doubt me, but I Chakun swear, if you need anything, I am willing to help you with me my life,.”
  From a bit startled owl.
  He originally was not going to show good care of Chakun.
  But people regard the words to this sake, he was carrying a despised person in the way, it seems a bit excessive.
  Eventually, the owl had his right hand and shook it from owl.
  But that does not mean he believed from the man, and this man as one of us.He’ll shake hands and Chakun, most of the reason is because of Chen diving face.
  Chakun fully understand this, if he is, he will do so.
  ”Tonight things, we’d all had happened when.”Chen smiled diving.
  From the owl nodded.
  Chakun look to the East, has begun a slight glow of white light, he wants to get out of here as soon as possible.
  ”I go first, and so I’m looking for a good place to live give you a call.”Chakun lightly.
  Chen diving looked at him: “You’re a no foreigners any proof of identity, where to find a place to live?Find those small hotels do not need to do what documents?That is not a long way.”
  Chakun looked at Chen diving, he is now no other way to go.

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