This person is not recognized as the original owners, or he, like the man on the ground, but also what kind of thoughts deliberately holding close to her, or is it all of his own design, in order to obtain her favor.

  Anyway, the ultimate goal is certainly not good.
  The problem is that the original owner did not deserve what he put so much thought ah.
  This is the most people wonder.
  Gone through so much in front of the world, he could see her now my body is full of “hidden agenda” and “disingenuous”.
  God walking down the elevator open sound bite, a few uniformed men came out and saw people lying on the ground, shocked, quickly asked how the.
  Xin long micro simple things told them again, watching them immediately to help the police, a lot of peace of mind.
  ”Mr Heng, we have moved your things gone, you look at inventory.”After completion of the police report, one man said.
  He nodded slightly, a few people still do not polite to ask him for help, he was rejected, a few people did not do more to stop into the elevator after leaving.
  ”You live next door?”Xin long micro blankly asked.
  Mouth twitched, her Nana: “You

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