“- not poison you two children, really a pity.”

When these words appear in the sky will open, with many reporters who have children are exposed angry look.

I heard that due to the volume of traffic, there are several forums have suffered paralysis of different situations, and people have various ways of unraveling the secrets found more.

Zhang is one of the main driving force funded white parliamentarians in the campaign, which has recently been speculation gimmick is the abolition of the royal family.


Zhang is not only the upper and lower managers and investors were taken in for questioning, Mr White also suffered impeachment ‘bribery’, ‘Transaction of the power’, ‘treason’ and other charges, was taken away in a critical period of elections.

“I did not – I did not!!”When the man was arrested, to face the camera he has revealed the despair and anger expression:” They are against me!!I am innocent!!!”

The media’s lens as a general gunpoint him, and do not know where people came, carrying a bucket of paint on vocal poured into his body.

A few days ago, he was acclaimed by intellectuals and the Senate, and now as general hatred people cry.

Streets and bus stops all campaign posters are replaced, there is a good

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