Club activities came back, and even girls come to contact him, or about him to dinner, but also about his skiing together.

  They are considered school students, the original Xiao went out a few times.But he felt this activity, translated into Chinese, it seems not right.Appointments can not be regarded, at most, be a man and a woman go out of it.
  Only Ren Hai Xun know, this guy still had that sore spot of the original sentence sentence tie Xiao.He said pretty stupid, ugly wise, he said, smart and beautiful, he said boring people.
  Ren Hai Xun intolerable poked his knife: “Do not think I do not know, your heart still pretty smart and funny Who!Exotic how the?Don and I are not too exotic fruit good?If you do not learn to pull down the face coax the girl to apologize to the girls happy, you’re never gonna complex!”
  After all, even the break up less than a semester, Ren Hai Xun Xiao know in fact does not fit the original.After all, Ren Hai Xun Tang Guo said listen, XIA dormitory to pack away when it comes to crying, even if the rejection of a party who is no less brisk walking out, left out of the party, how will instantly forgotten.
  Can be stiffly Shuaixia original Xiao: “I never thought complex.”
  Turned away

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