Breath, he lay down in bed.

  Forget it, or tomorrow.He rolled over and saw a pair of big blue eyes snow.
  Fear of air suddenly quiet.
  After a few seconds, Yu Ze suddenly receding, Donna has not had time to speak, dark-haired youth disappeared from sight, the ground came the boom bang.
  .She has so terrible it?
  Yu Chak climb up from the ground, staring at the bed of her: “how do you here?!”
  She said: “I want to sleep with you.”
  Yu Ze Frank looked at her face, put up almost no breath.
  ”Do you know what it means yet?”
  ”I know.”She did not mind, he said:” We kissed, the next step is not to go to sleep yet?”
  ”Who told you that?!”Yu Ze does not require blood pressure also can feel his blood pressure soaring.
  ”On television shows such speech.”
  Yu Ze teeth, said: “.Go back to your own room to sleep.”
  ”why?”She ton of bricks, said:” You do not like me?You do not want to sleep with me?”
  Yu Ze: “.”
  Donna think he’s changing his face in the dim light is very interesting, very gently patted her admission next to the empty pillow, he urged: “

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