The classroom door, his back to everyone, slowly Looking back, faint.

  ”Wrong, jade tree is big cousin.”

Chapter 175 my sister to jump

  ”Big Cousin?”
  Mentioning these three words, many people seem to recall a few things.
  Some time ago the entire Department of Chemistry pass hit the face of the uproar thing, so who was said to have a big cousin, almost made out of a bomb in a chemistry lab.
  Dean of the Department of Chemistry scared to lie on the ground.
  Could it be.Just go man, is the legendary big cousin?
  He challenged the Department of Chemistry, and is now challenging the traditional Chinese medicine system, does.This is a big cousin to involve the entire school are all professional challenge it again?
  Big cousin to hear these three words, except that things Department of Chemistry, everyone seems to think before coming out of the river and Tan read the big cousin scandal.
  Now so popular big cousin this title yet?
  White leaf and Ma Baiwei After leaving the classroom, Ma Baiwei face was still pale, seemed like panic and fear.
  ”Are you OK?”
  Ma Baiwei hands clinging to his chest, the body trembling slightly.
  ”Nothing, now

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