Chunxiao is to me, before she wants to seduce uncle fail, leaving me to put this drug, it does not matter to me “

Bowen would like to continue doing futile excuse, but it is a direct Jiang Chu Yang Shou is slapped up.
“Popping” sound, especially loud.
Bowen have almost been hit Mongolia, and rise again, Jiang Chu has been looking cold frost.
Bowen this time, is Lianjiao have dared to cry out, curled up, shivering, she is not a fool, Jiang Chu appeared at that moment, she would know that the real beyond redemption, has become her own, Jiang Chu inevitable early the came, their dialogue must also listen to the clear early, and now she do these useless excuse, it was unwilling to.
Jiang Chu cold channel: “First back to the House, playing eighty board, out of the house.”
No extra nonsense, straight down the verdict gave Bowen.
Bowen looked frightened, and quickly pulled his knees Jiang Chu skirt for mercy: “Great Lady of mercy, a great lady Rao slaves once, but a temporary possessed slaves, slaves dare not, next time do not slaves

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