Or worried about their own last night, there is no wrong thing, then said it would not export to the mouth, and then had to give swallowed, Su Yuan only when Gujiu An hangover was not feeling so good he will drink.Gujiu An Nana should be a sound, quietly watching Su Yuan’s face, to see her look as usual, can not help but relieved.

  He should not say anything right.
  Huoting Chen’s bad luck, the same flight with Gujiu An rush to the studio, the result can be stunned Gujiu An early a quarter of an hour than he, and he Gujiu An throw after being caught in a traffic jam, reaching the studio, Su Yuan with Gujiu an already begun filming.
  Huoting Chen Xi silent, and went to the thin, look carefully at the monitor, and thin for Huoting Chen Xi uninvited been surprised.
  Today this is a shot of Shen know it with seedlings confession scene, due to the Su Yuan cooperate with Gujiu An understanding too, and basically had a movie progress quickly.
  Prop due diligence team of staff pushed sprinkler manufactured rain screen, drizzle, the sink it is still known a black windbreaker, insisted on a large black umbrella canopy is completely inclined toward the other side seedlings, rain silently Shen know it’s fall shoulder, half of his wet clothes also unaware.
  This is a rain or shine to his convenience store third month.
  He was eventually

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