Show the company’s marketing strategy has been to encounter, to focus on Japan, North America and Europe, the three main market.Asian markets outside of Japan for not paid much attention, so like Xujian Kui game company but also because the East arcade game company products high price, leaving the living space.

  But in the North American market.Those Orient game’s competitors are not so good the day after, the hardest hit is the original SEGA arcade overlord.Before pushing the new Sega game “Frogger” because the hit “Mario Brothers”, is the way to suppress sales, far below the company’s expectations.
  So Sega instantly resolved to avoid invincible “Mario Brothers”, and so it’s slowing sales and re-pushing “Frogger”.Compared to other games in the Sega R & D.Although it is not the game “Mario Brothers”, but is already a rare quality.
  But we did not expect, “Mario Brothers,” the momentum has just reduced.East game company soon introduced a new reel fighting game – “Kung Fu”.Sega of America president David.Rosen kinky dip in this industry for many years, simply Kanji Yan will be able to distinguish a game is good or bad.
  ”Kung Fu” This game gave him a strong sense of threat.Nothing less than the previous “Mario Bros.”.Both games are horizontal version of the scroll invented a game, but compared to the “Mario Brothers” relatively simple background of the game, “Kung Fu” not only better on the screen, and it’s on the same screen background, in addition to two games outside the protagonist, while there has been a large number of non-stop movement of the enemy.
  This is no

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