You face bigger]

  To start the game, the artists are on stage, the scene start the countdown.Lu seventy-one look into the camera, “Sixty-class children’s shoes, immediately see oh ~ ~ ~ ~”

The first round Chapter 222
  ”3,2,1, go!!”Site director sound of a fall, the stage lights are bright on.Miu Miu and other 11 people, stand in a row, laughing Mimi.
  Lu seventy-one standing in the middle position in front of the host rock directly in front of her, “Sixty-class children’s shoes, good evening, heaters first individual talent contest, now ~~~~”
  【Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha】
  [What Ghosts, died laughing]
  [Fairies are not playing their own dead artists do not give up ah]
  [So there will be a second session is not it?Ha ha ha ha ha]
  [Good] ~ ~ ~ ~ fairy night
  [Fortunately, fairies do not participate in, ah, so on the stage, at first glance, only to see the fairies]
  [Original stage like this, ah, the lights in order to see more clearly]
  ”Ado, let us begin the first round of scoring it ~ ~ ~ ~” Lu seventy-one sideways than the artists than behind, smiled.
  Miu Miu, who are covered with a wool.Ah assault vote again!!!!
  ”This is going to participate in this competition our kids children, let them do it for self-introduction, the most basic, the name, the stage name on it, height, ideal, and the rest will be free to play, casual, person tell a fifty-six on the line.Then, the audience, Li

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