Can not help but kiss Oh considered the number, limit one hour, the failure will be a corresponding punishment.”He was a bit embarrassed:

  ”To kiss you in front of the lens?”
  He put half of his face buried in his turtleneck sweater, “ah, there can be a reminder of the limit, so hard!”
  Wheat smile, “Friendly reminder, you must be a surprise, can not be scared, do not surprise the guests of the group are very romantic, forest health you have to work harder ah.”
  Forest Health cardboard blocked off the face, punching her small channel: “I can secretly tell the other groups what surprises you?I refer to the reference.”
  Wheat take away his cardboard, “No, but I can give you disclose, the other two groups kiss fail.”
  ”In the words of the ignorant teacher, the teacher is Pengchen Yu toothpaste, squeeze it to move about, to take the initiative to kiss him, like to his life, especially in front of the camera, the final task challenge fails.”Wheat helpless.
  Lin-sheng smile, “two teacher get along very special, very warm.”
  Wheat: “Zhou Yi Bai Lan and Wan Xu Hao is because love has just begun, the two sides put too not very open, too shy that also failed.Thus, the real into the marriage, over time, also rarely

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