Hanging towels, Cheng was caught double wrist: “not to say wash together?”She did not faded clothes.

  Ding Han Mu subspace and getting married, the child star recently Mu Mu home run total to deal sundry things.
  During the day dead tired, just want to sleep at night.How can wash with mood.
  ”Just wash your.”Mu child star to try not to sweep her Hing.
  Cheng double turned: “Tired?”
  She also knew the stars Mu recently been busy subspace of marriage, although a lot of things can pay others to do it with, but she man.Always feel that things can calm down a hands.
  ”Fortunately,.”Mu child star torn lip smile, a hand towel pulled them to her:” to help you bathe strength is still there.”
  After towel dampened with water becomes heavy, twisted into a semi-Mu child star, just want to drive double towel greet him, but she made a sudden turned around, startled her.
  Towel thrown off the end of a few drops of water to her waist, drop smudged on the sweater, a warm gradually cooler.
  Mu child star sweep of the eye, look helpless look to her: “how?”
  Cheng dual apart from anything else directly to the people in his arms.
  Cheng twin who still remnants of sporadic drops, blooming soon to Mu child star who through the thin sweater, forced Yang in her arms, the child star Mu Leng Leng: “How.”
  Cheng hands

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