You follow me, listen to me arrangement.”Chen diving impossible for Chakun stay in leaves home, anyway, and now he and Bi Ying live here, Bi Ying rental housing temporarily idle, he first Chakun arrangements over there, and then long-term perspective.

  Too lazy to control how they arrange owl from the deep stretch: “I should get some sleep the.”
  So when Chen diving settled Chakun back, take along all the breakfast all back.
  Although a sleepless night, but his mental state is pretty good, Ye Xue Fu they get up and did not see him a sleepless night.
  Hastily eaten breakfast they each do their own thing.
  Chen and Ye Xue Fu before diving to go to work, to complete Yingla down the side and told her family arranged for a friend, do not let her go back to being the first.
  Bi Ying Chen asked a friend what diving, diving Chen shook his head and did not do too much explanation, but stressed that they should not return Bi Ying.
  The next period of time, Chakun certainly have to face the suffering of drug addiction, if Bi Ying home encounter drug seizures Chakun make themselves into trouble and dangerous.
  Now Chen diving is not very convenient thing to explain Chakun.
  Bi Ying Chen diving do not see that there will be no raise another, anyway, Chen diving to do anything is justifiable.
  Today UCA Group Song Liang made a formal promotion, Song Liang promoted to the Security Department

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