But the original Xiao began to deliberately avoid such double the activity.He knew, in fact, those girls are good, each have their own good, the bad is that he should not take the inherent image, go to someone else sets.
  He had no choice back, but did not really put down.
  Indeed, he is very strong and there is no strong reason to hate XIA can last forever away.Or hate her.
  I was also sorry for what he did not do things.
  Instead, to accompany him through the most difficult time, they chose to break up.
  If there is no XIA away, dying in the hospital during that time, perhaps in his memories, it would be pure pain and suffering.
  As for the reason for the breakup, in addition to special hurts, as if there is nothing else.
  Xiao original thoughts on the convergence engage in their studies, began in earnest polished their edges and corners, there should be embedded in the image of a person in the right business.
  But he also knows, it has been the single XIA away.
  Even single for five or six years.
  This know, like a placebo needle-like.She chose to let go of him, but did not choose to pull someone else’s hands.
  Not love you, but do not have enough love other people.
  If you say Christmas that year

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