find his friend on the East sub, the other very cooperative, according to Pinyin on the paper read out, after finished, immediately react, looked at each other suspiciously,” Are you kidding me?”

  ”No, how could I do!”Xiao Ming Paizhuoxiongtang, lie without blushing.
  ”Ok.”East son once believed, the pleasant and rehearse again, ready to send to friends and other home state.
  Peiyuan Bo reluctantly put up textbooks, in front of his face, but could not s南宁夜网top laughing followed – though often “beyond belief”, however, he may soon get used to, which entered.
  A point to school, the school gate, there is a volunteer parent organization responsible for guiding students to the waiting area to wait – say the waiting area, which is an awning sent away, afraid too hot in sum广州桑拿网mer heat stroke or sometimes under the rain snow.
  ”Yuan Yuan!”
  Pei Yuanbo out of school, I saw the mother waved at him, he hurriedly rushed to my mother, just hold her hand – Well, this is actually a little embarrassed, but he did not want to see my mother is not happy.
  ”Mom, today is your Come!Tough.”Weekdays, a family of three rounds to come and pick him up, very punctual.
  ”Ok.”Yang Qiuping with a smile for his son wiped his sweat on his forehead – there is a hot, hot you think your mother is called for Peiyuan Bo, this heat is the mother of his grandmother feel hot, when the two men together with interest his eyes locked, he will subconsciously surrender, it just does autumn, he put on a thin short-sleeved.
  ”I have written a letter to the cub, my mother took me to please send a letter?”
  ”OK, we went to the post office to深圳桑拿网 go ahead.”
  Mother and son you have a word, a phrase I were talking, chatting topic, bit by bit from today in the school occurred in the evening dishes, seemed to have lots to talk like.
  Somehow, Pei Yuanbo always feel that today’s mother, as if dragged like what time – it does not seem accurate to describe, but he did so feeling, first with his mother around in a circle, she wen

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