d on stationery, there are a lot of places, there are traces of contaminated water, no one guessed, this little water is coming from.

  Pei Yuanbo wiping away tears, quietly folded the letter.Seven years, really long time, but fortunately, he was found.
  ”Yuan Yuan, you asleep?”Pei Naochun smile came from outside probe.
  ”Not yet, Dad.”He tried to stay out of a state of go广州桑拿od sound, pretend nothing happened.
  ”Now a father to give you a gift.”He mysteriously came just magically pulled out a larger gift than the palm of your hand,” apart to see it.”
  ”Thanks, Dad.”Pei Yuanbo bow, wearing a neat little bow on the gift, as he said something, the box also will be expanded, exposing th杭州桑拿洗浴e inside of things,”.This is the watch?”
  ”Do you like it?”
  ”like.”Pei Yuanbo immediately brought to the watch hands, eyes full of curiosity – his first time to see such a small screen does not have a watch, is not black and white, before buying a green screen, black or white words spreadsheet is not the case of.
  ”In fact, this is not just a watch.”Pei Naochun point in the built-in switch on the watch, mysterious smile,” This is a gift exclusively Yuan Yuan.”
  ”what?”Pei Yuanbo also look ignorant when I heard a strange but familiar voice heard in the room.
  To describe how does this sound?Little things by the book, no strong accent, a bit like a human child boy voice, but he was surprised to feel familiar.
  ”You okay, Yuan Yuan.”
  ”Who speaks?”He was a little nervous, if not calm my father standing in front, it has jumped up early广州桑拿网.
  ”Yuan Yuan, was I!I also do Yuan Yuan.”
  He finally found a sound point, it is a gift from the watch he had just received, it is now on the screen, with a variety of positive changes he had seen animated cartoon characters.
  ”Dad, this is?”He looked up at my father hastened.
  ”This is another Yuan Yuan.”Pei Naochun did not hold back, touched Peiyuan Bo’s head,” Dad made specially for Yuan Yuan.”
  In the last generation, Pei Yuanbo torment Another point – he did

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