end, the probe grandmother came in, holding the hands of a whole plate of fruit, there is a small plate, inside filled with walnuts point – which is base杭州夜网论坛d on traditional concepts to form fill-shaped, grandmother insisted, walnut Bunao help learning.

  There are so –
  ”Dual, we have a exercise book on the subject, I do not understand, I read it to you, you teach me.”Pei Yuanbo holding exercise books will read – of course, Pei Naochun is to set up two yuan-based recognition function, if want to earn two yuan son escape work, the other will pretend busy, after all, what electronic products, blue screen crashes it is not normal?
  ”You read it.”Dual very calm, he is like a walking Baidu, future work to help, as long as there is a current topic, can always find examples, replace numbers, analysis out.
  ”it is good.There was a small snail, he wanted to climb a tree to see the scenery, the day during the day, a total of 12 hours system, known sunny day, every hour he can climb one meter, rain南宁桑拿, he every hour, can climb 0.5 meters, at night, a small snail need to rest, and it stays in place, controlled by gravity, per hour, slipped down 0.2 m.Known, The tree, a total of 55 meters, every two sunny day, there is a rainy day, when I ask small snail can climb?”
  ”.”Dual frustrated, very frustrated, it’s not very good at this variant title, it can not help Tucao,” Why do you people always want to be that complicated?”
  ”what happened?”Pei Yuanbo being down will do first title.
  ”Is not it the math?Why can not simply point?Why chickens and rabbits have to be locked up in a cage, singled out one by one to count not do it?Pool of water, must be a carry out a full irrigation can not put it over again Wang Litou?.”God knows, it is as artificial intelligence, but also self-respecting!What is even happy summer vacation, students stumped Mathematical Olympiad, Mr. Pei if I know, will make fun of it, “Yuan Yuan, you humans really good complexity oh.”
  Peiyuan Bo sighed, shrugged: “I think

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