so too.”As a standard primary school, he completed everyday questions can be put together around the earth?Circle, what to plant trees, flags, grocery shopping, florist.Almost what can appear in the title, he and the class many students secretly discussed why teachers have to think of the topic so, they quickly agreed – to some, is a teacher in embarrassing us, is such a!In which the teacher must think, watching them struggle like laughing, it would morale!

  Or so –
  Pei Yuanbo a class to go home, lying on the table: “dual, that I worry today.”
  ”Yuan Yuan, how the?”Pei Naochun not going to let two yuan Yuan Yuan monitor life, its start-up mode, more like a cell phon杭州桑拿e later, or is Siri, the weekdays automatically positioning – to ensure safety, in addition, only Pei Yuanbo call when will appear.
  ”Today we fight classmates.”Peiyuan Bo sighed, after he went to primary school, a lot of friends, like Xiao Ming, Dong Son, these little red, his tone was angry and with some doubts,” I do not know why, Xiao Ming have to have pulled the red braids, but also to guard her hat yard throw the ball of paper, the red to in tears.In the afternoon they had a falling out for a long time, Little said red grumpy, crying red eyes red.”He is also very difficult in the middle, one is his table, a desk after him, both made clear attitude – if you and him / her to play, I’ll never ignore you, let him dilemma.
  ”You say, why should they fight it?”
  ”.”Dual inner conflicts – very contradictory, now search out things, and he learned juvenile protection law seems a little conflict, told him that information online learning, puppy love is wrong, he said, when young love is wonderful, it really do not understand humans, or artificial intelligence simple Pleasures!It is thought, or honestly to Chen, “according to the content network search –北京桑拿 pull braids female students, throw ball of paper such childish behavior, possibly because boys have a crush on her, want to attract her attention.”

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